Ann Sarah Brangan (now Hulley)

Born: 1786, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland
Baptized: 12 July 1789, Ballymodan parish church, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland
Parents: Isaac Branghan and Ann Branghan (nee Burchill) (married 31 August 1767)
Siblings: Dorcah (probably younger sister to Ann; also baptized 12 July 1789)
Married: Richard William Hulley, 1809, Ireland
Children: Richard Brangan Hulley, 5 September 1810, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland
                Ann Hulley, 10 August 1813 (elsewhere 1814), (possibly on Bere Island), Cork, County Cork, Ireland; died 6 October 1887
                Sarah Hulley, 27 December 1815, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland
                Francis Turner Hulley, 1819, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England; died 12 May 1902, Willowdam, South Africa
                Edward John Hulley, 18 December 1820, Caxton Farm, Lower Albany, Cape; died 8 January 1875, Smithfield, South Africa
                Joseph Hulley, 2 June 1823, Clumber, (Albany), Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
                Mary Hulley, 21 July 1824, Caxton Farm, Clumber District, (Albany)
                Benjamin Hulley, 4 July 1826, Trappe's Valley; died 20 January 1905 (20 July 1901 on, Somerset East, South Africa
                Marmaduke Thomas Hulley, 1830/1831, Albany, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
                (Marmaduke married Mary Ann Ekron (who died) and then Eliza Alice Eales, daughter of William Eales)
                (Marmaduke died 5 June 1876, Wodehouse District, Transvaal, South Africa)
Died: December 1844, Caxton Farm, Clumber, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
Buried: Clumber, (near Grahamstown), Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Ann Brangan (now Hulley) Ann Brangan (now Hulley) Ann Brangan (now Hulley)

Richard and Ann were 1820 settlers. They arrived on the ship Stentor as members of the James Richardson party from Sheffield. Richardson's party sailed aboard Stentor from Liverpool on 13 January 1820, and arrived in Table Bay on 19 April 1820, and then transferred to the HM Store Ship Weymouth and arrived at Algoa Bay on 15 May 1820.

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