Samuel Rudman

Born: 16 March 1790, Devizes, England
Parents: John Rudman and Elizabeth Rudman (nee Ellen)
Siblings: James Rudman, 19 September 1788, Devizes, England
                Samuel Rudman, 16 March 1790
                Rachel Rudman, 10 July 1791
                William Rudman, 24 December 1792, Rowde, England
                Benjamin Jonathan Rudman, 9 April 1794, Devizes, Wiltshire, England
                Hanna Rudman, 24 July 1796
                Jonah Rudman, 15 May 1798
                Martha Rudman, 4 August 1800
                Mara Rudman, 9 May 1802
Married: Ann Tringham, 12 December 1819, St Andrews, Holborn, London, England
Children: Anna Rudman, 1 January 1821, Salem
                      (married William Sutton)
                  Henry James (James) Rudman, 12 December 1822
                      (died 25 August 1884, Ladybrand, Orange Free State; married Elizabeth Mary Buckley)
                  Martha Maria Springham (Mary) Rudman, 12 November 1824, Salem
                      (died 28 September 1871, Fort Beaufort; married George Sutton)
                  Elizabeth Mathilda Rudman, 26 March 1830, Salem
                      (died 14 January 1903, Stutterheim; married Thomas James)
                  Samuel Rudman, 17 December 1833, Salem
                      (died 30 August 1902, Ladybrand, Orange Free State; married Sarah Ann Matthews)
                  Mary Ann Rudman, 22 August 1834, Salem
                      (died 23 June 1911, Kei Road, Eastern Cape; married Elisha King)
                  Jabez Rudman, 26 July 1837, Salem (Baptized: Methodist Church)
                  Rachel Rudman, 11 July 1840, Albany, Eastern Cape
Occupation: Husbandman / farmer
Died: (Killed) 19 June 1841, Koonop Post, Fort Beaufort, Amatole, Eastern Cape

Transcription of England and Wales Non-conformist births and baptisms:
Samuel Rudman, Birth date 16 March 1790
Place: Devizes, Wiltshire, England
Denomination: Baptist
The National Archives reference: TNA/RG/4/2230
Description: WILTSHIRE: Devizes (Baptist): Births

Birth of Benjamin Rudman

National Archives, Kew:
Particular Baptist Chapel, Devizes, Wiltshire RG4/2230 f11
The children of John RUDMAN (himself was born 27 January 1763) whose wife was Elizabeth, the daughter of Thos. ELLEN (his wife is a member)
James RUDMAN was born the 19 September 1788
Samuel 16 March 1790
Rachel 10 July 1791
William 24 December 1792 (died in infancy)
Benjamin 9 April 1794
Hannah 24 July 1796
Jonah 15 May 1798
Martha 4 August 1800
Mara 9 May 1802

For further information on the Rudman family tree, a good starting point is

Marriage of Samuel Rudman and Ann Tringham
London Metropolitan Archives:
Samuel RUDMAN married Ann TRINGHAM on 12 December 1819 in St.Andrew's, Holborn. Both signed their names. Witnesses: Benjamin RUDMAN and Rachel STEVENS.

At the time of his death on June 19, 1841 he was running a farm for Howse and Maskell at the Koonap Post. He died in mysterious circumstances. According to the Grahamstown Journal June 24, 1841. "On Saturday last (19th June, 1841) an express was received in town from Capt. Lonsdale, the officer commanding Fort Brown purporting that a person named Rudman, an Englishman, in the employ of Messrs Howse and Maskell, had been shot through the head by Kaffirs that had beset the house during the night and on his opening the door he was instantly shot by the marauders. This information coming so quickly upon the heels of reports of several other daring outrages ..... a requisition was immediately drawn up and transmitted to the Lt. Governor as follows....

Grahamstown 19th June, 1841.
The circumstances of the death of the unfortunate man Rudman has been under investigation during the whole of this week, but the matter seems involved in considerable mystery. The wife of the deceased persists that ... she distinctly heard marauders about the house, that she woke her husband ... that he arose and that on going to the door of the hut in which they were living he was shot through the head. In opposition to this it is stated by the patrol and others who visited the spot the following day, that not the slightest trace of Kaffirs around the premises is to be found. Suspicion has fallen on two persons of color... These persons had quarreled, the day before Rudman was killed and he had interfered to prevent their fighting... It goes on to say it is likely an accident, deceased having shot himself when his gun went off.

Ibid 8.7.1841.
Nothing has transpired as we have heard, to convince the public that this unfortunate man did not fall by the hand of a Kaffir.... Mrs. Rudman states that she and her husband went to reside on Mr. Howses farm on the Fish River, about the middle of May... states that at the time of his death he had no gun with him.

Ibid 15.7.1841.
It is equally well known that Mr. Howse's farm servants, including the man Rudman, since killed, were driven away from a farm near the Koonap Post on which the proprietor was about to farm on establishment. Since the publication of our last the widow of Rudman has been cited to appear before the Resident Magistrate... and has made a depositure of the facts attending the death of her husband. Between this account and that published by us there is some little discrepancy.....

So whether she did away with her husband or whether he was killed by marauders is not known. I could however not find any trace of his estate, where he is buried or any indication at all of an estate for him.

Rudman - Cape of Good Hope. Government Gazette 7.3.1845.
In Hezekiah Sephton's party, William Cary Hobson Lot number 27, 3 morgen 395 square roods, with one share in the commonage being the share of Samuel Rudman, who sold to B. Patric, who sold to C.T. Croft, who sold to W.C. Hobson.

Rietfontein party, Thomas F. King 2 morgen 111 square roods, being Lot number 4 surveyed for the said King with one share in the commonage purchased from Thomas Croft. Also 7 morgen and 253 square roods being Lot number 3 surveyed for the said King, with three shares in the commonage purchased from S. Rudman, Thos Slater and William Muir.

1820 Settler, part of Hezekiah Sephton's party in the ship Aurora (344 passengers).
Departed from London on 15 February 1820. Arrived at Simon's Bay 1 May 1820.
Arrived at final destination of Algoa Bay, Cape Colony on 15 May 1820.

Samuel Rudman was a husbandman, aged 28 in 1820. Benjamin Rudman (his brother) - also on the Aurora - was also a husbandman, aged 27 in 1820.

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