Ann Kennedy (now Hancock)

Ann Kennedy (now Hancock) Born: 4 April 1790, 24 Bride Lane (off Fleet Street), London, England
Parents: Charles Kennedy (stationer) and Ann Kennedy (nee ...)
Siblings: Thomas Kennedy, 1785/1786, 24 Bride Lane, London
Married: James Hancock, 21 February 1808, Church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury, London, England
Children: Charles James Hancock, 21 February 1809, London (died 26 February 1813, London)
                George Frederick Hancock, 5 November 1810, London (died 7 April 1811, London)
                Margaret Ann Hancock, 5 April 1812, London (died 16 August 1826, Grahamstown)
                James Hancock, 7 February 1814, London (died 3 March 1815, London)
                Joseph Ebenezer Hancock, 13 June 1816, London
                Thomas Hancock, 17 March 1818, London (died 16 June 1895, Hancock Grange farm)
                Samuel Hancock, 27 March 1820, on board the Aurora
                    (died 23 June 1886, Grahamstown)
                Benjamin Hancock, 16 June 1823, Salem (died 22 January 1825, Grahamstown)
                    (buried 23 January 1825, St George (Anglican), Grahamstown)
                Rachel Hancock, 26 December 1825, Grahamstown (died 24 March 1869, Port Elizabeth)
                Ann Eliza Hancock, 14 December 1827, Port Elizabeth (died 18 January 1850, St John's River)
                Elizabeth Kennedy, 19 August 1832, Port Elizabeth (died 19 January 1834, Port Elizabeth)
                Clarissa Charlotte Hancock, 5 November 1834, Port Elizabeth (died 29 October 1906, Harrismith)
Died: 29 July 1866, Hancock Grange Farm (later Cromwell farm house), Umzimkulu (Ixopo) District, Colony of Natal
Buried: Cromwell farm cemetery

According to the Hancock's Drift page on Facebook (March 2013):

There may have been other siblings, born before Thomas and Ann Kennedy, but there is as yet no certain proof of their connection. These are:
1. Alexander KENNEDY, b. abt Aug 1777; d. May 1800 (22y 9m), Fetter Lane, London; bd. 4 May 1800, City Road Wesleyan Chapel, Camden, London
2. Daniel KENEDY, b. abt Jun 1782; d. Jul 1783 (1y 1m), ?Bridge Lane (I canít find a Bridge or Budge Lane in the Fleet Street Area, so presume it should be Bride Lane: JP), Fleet Street, London; bd. 25 Jul 1783, City Road Wesleyan Chapel, Camden, London
3. - KENEDY, b.?, d. abt Aug 1783, Bride Lane, London; bd. 5 Aug 1783, City Road Wesleyan Chapel, Camden, London

In 1798, the Kennedy family moved to 125 Fetter Lane in the City of London, and this was Annís home until she was married in 1808. Charles Kennedy was a successful businessman, and Ann was well-educated. Ann Kennedyís mother died in 1804, when Ann was 14 years old. Ann married James Hancock on 21 February 1808 at the church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury, London. Their first child, Charles James Hancock, was born exactly a year later and was christened at St Andrewís (Parish) Church in Holborn, London. Of the six children Ann gave birth to in England, only three survived to make the long journey to the Cape Colony in 1820; three infants were left in Bunhill Fields Cemetery, across the road from the Wesleyan Chapel in City Road, Camden. It was for this precise reason that James and Ann Hancock made the decision to emigrate to the Cape Colony; to provide a better life and prospects for their children.

Ann Kennedy (now Hancock)

1820 Settler, part of Hezekiah Sephton's party in the ship Aurora (344 passengers).
Departed from London on 15 February 1820. Arrived at Simon's Bay 1 May 1820.
Arrived at final destination of Algoa Bay, Cape Colony on 15 May 1820.


Bride Lane, London

Bride Lane, London

View of Bride Lane, off Fleet Street, showing figures and horse-drawn carriage

Thomas Colman Dibdin (1810-1893), 1851

Church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury, London

Church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury

Church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury Church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury
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