Henry Fuller

Henry Fuller Born: 18 September 1791, West Ham, London, Middlesex, England
Christened: 5 October 1791, West Ham, England
Parents: William Fuller and Ann Fuller (nee Lodge) (born ~1764; died Feb 1837, Greater London, England)
Siblings: Mary Fuller
                George Fuller
                Sarah Eliza Fuller
                Eliza Fuller
                William Fuller
                Charles Fuller
                Matilda Fuller
                James Fuller
                Ann Ruth Fuller
Married: Susannah Parrott, 16 July 1815, Leyton, Essex, (Greater London), England
Children: George Fuller, 17 February 1816, Stratford, Essex, England
                  Charles Fuller, ~1818
                  Ann Fuller, 7 August 1820
                  William Fuller, 2 September 1822 or 2 October 1821, Grahamstown, Cape
                  James Fuller, 12 October 1827 or 1824, Grahamstown, Cape Geni (Great-Great-Grandfather of Quentin Fuller)
                  John Fuller, 1829, Grahamstown, Cape
                  Susannah Fuller, 21 October 1831
                  Harriet Fuller, 19 March 1834, Grahamstown, Cape (married ... Brown)
                  Sarah Fuller, ~1837 (married ... Stegman)
Occupation: Carpenter
Address: Mount Pleasant farm, Grahamstown, Cape
Died: 2 October 1870, Adelaide, Cape
Buried: Adelaide, Cape

Henry Fuller (25), a carpenter, together with his wife, Susannah Fuller (nee Parrott) (23), and their two children (George (4) and Charles(1)), were members of Dixon's Party of 48 settlers on the settler ship Ocean. The party originated from London. They departed from London on 13 December 1819, arrived in Table Bay, Cape Town on 9 March 1820, and reached their final port (Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth) on 15 April 1820. Henry Fuller became leader of the party soon after the ship's arrival at Algoa Bay. The area allocated to the party was Waaiplaats on the Kaffir Kraal River.

More details available at http://fuller-ocean.benbus.co.uk/pafg02.htm
Also see http://www.1820settlers.com/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I71144&tree=master

Henry's name appears seven times in The Lower Albany Chronicle by E. Morse Jones published by the Lower Albany Historical Society, Port Alfred, 1968.
1. July 24 1820, "The party led by John Dixon was being directed by Henry Fuller."
2. July 26 1827, "Henry Fuller, George Marsden, William Shepherd and William Hiles gave evidence at Grahamstown on the forcible removal of James Erith to his final location in 1820."
3. March 31 1834, "Henry Fuller offered Newton in exchange for land on the lower Blinkwater held by Xogomesh, known as Hermanus Matroos."
4. December 20 1834, "Henry Fuller had moved to his farm on the Blinkwater, Fuller's Hoek."
5. March 9 1841, "Mary, daughter of Thomas Lanham, was married at Grahamstown by the Reverend John Heavyside to Charles, son of Henry Fuller. Elizabeth Lanham was witness."
6. December 7 1843, "Henry Fuller expected to reap 700 bushels of wheat at Newton."
7. February 28 1847, "James Usher junior and J. Featherstone, Grahamstown Yeomanry, carrying mails from Grahamstown to Manley's Flat, were fired on by a Hottentot about five miles out of Grahamstown. James Usher was wounded and the attacker made off with the pack-horse and mails. The two men reached Henry Fuller's house."

Birth: MOOC 6/9/133 Ref. 6547. FHL film 1281543. (A note of explanation on the birth date for Henry that appears on this website: This has been calculated from information on his death notice, which states that he was 79 years and 14 days old when he died on Oct. 2, 1870. Although it may appear that the death notice says 77 years (and not 79) and 14 days, this would place his birth two years after his documented baptism. So the assumption, in the absence of better information, must be that the top loop of the "9" is missing, making it look like a "7.")
Christening: West Ham parish records, Essex, England. Housed at the Essex Record Office, Colchester
Marriage: Leyton parish records, Essex, England. D/P45/1/14; housed at the Essex Record Office, Colchester.
Death: Death Notice MOOC 6/9/133 Ref. 6547. FHL film 1281543.
Will: MOOC 7/1/312, Ref. 77.

Queenstown Free Press transcribed by Sunelia Heath:
October 14, 1870
Local and General.
BRITTISH SETTLERS. – The old Settlers are dying out very rapidly since the Jubilee. Two have passed away during the past week. Mrs PAXTON died at Grahamstown at the ripe age of 90 years, and Mr Henry FULLER of Albany died at Adelaide, aged 77 years.

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