Juliana Slater (now Rudman)

(Also known as Julia Ann or Hannah)

Juliana Rudman

Born: 7 July 1804, London, England
Parents: Thomas Slater and Sophia Slater (nee Hall)
Siblings: Sarah Slater, 18 September 1794, South Kensington, London, England
                Matthew Slater, 1796, London
                Charles Slater, 1799 (or 1797/8), England
                (Juliana Slater, 7 July 1804, England)
                Elizabeth Slater, 1806, England
                George Slater, 1808, London
                Henry Slater, 1809 (or 1811 or 1810), London, England
                Thomas Slater, 1811, London, England
                Edward Slater, 1812, England
                John Francis Slater, December 1816, London, England
Married: Benjamin Jonathan Rudman, 22 August 1820, Salem, South Africa
Children: Emma Sophia Rudman, 21 July 1821, Salem, South Africa
                Matthew Henry Rudman, 18 August 1823, Salem, South Africa
                Thomas John Rudman, 12 March 1826, Salem, South Africa (Christened 21 January 1830, Salem)
                Charles Benjamin Rudman, Christened 21 January 1830, Salem
                George Edward Rudman, 4 June 1832, Salem, South Africa (Christened 31 December 1832), Died 15 May 1885, Blouwkoppen, Bluegumvale
                Alexander Alfred Rudman, 1835, Grahamstown, South Africa, Died 8 June 1902, Prince Street, Port Elizabeth; married Ellen Jane Kestell
                Joseph Benson Rudman, 13 June 1837, Salem, South Africa, Died 22 September 1927, Somerset East
                Sarah Elizabeth Rudman, 5 June 1839, Salem, South Africa
                James William Rudman (*), 1843, Great Winterhoek, Died 2 July 1885, Grahamstown
                Johnathan Caleb Rudman, 24 April 1846, Uitenhage, South Africa, Died 4 March 1887, Eben Vlot, Uitenhage district
                Evelyn Charles Rudman (adopted son), 2 April 1863, Grassridge
                    (christened 4 October 1870, Uitenhage Methodist Church by Rev. WC Holden; entry 251)
Died: 7 November 1881, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Buried: Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Coordinates: 3345'38.46"S and 2522'59.66"E, elevation 72m

The marriage of Benjamin Rudman to Julia Slater was the first wedding at the Methodist Church in Salem. This was the first Methodist wedding in South Africa, and was among the first 1820 Settler marriages. The marriage was witnessed by James Hancock. (Len de Klerk has seen the marriage certificate in the Cape Town Archives.)
Transcript of marriage register: http://tree.pagemaker.co.nz/transcriptions/Data/SalemAlbany/marriages/methodist1.htm

Juliana Rudman lived on the farms Winter Hoek, Grass Ridge, and Olifants Kop in the Uitenhage district.

(*) James William Rudman (born ~1843) never married. He died intestate and had some property and the balance of his inheritance from his parents' estate approximating to 325.0.0 British sterling. An order of the court on 10/5/1883 declared him a lunatic and appointed Matthew Henry Rudman as executor.

1820 Settler, part of Hezekiah Sephton's party in the ship Aurora (344 passengers).
Departed from London on 15 February 1820. Arrived at Simon's Bay 1 May 1820.
Arrived at final destination of Algoa Bay, Cape Colony on 15 May 1820.


Grave of Juliana Slater (now Rudman)
Grave of Juliana Slater (now Rudman) at Jubilee Park Cemetery, Uitenhage

Rudman and Slater graves
Doem Erasmus standing at the graves of Benjamin Rudman and Juliana Slater

Rudman and Slater family tree
Family tree of Benjamin Rudman and Juliana Slater (PDF version)

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