(Rev) Henry Hare Dugmore

Henry Dugmore Born: 21 April 1810, England
Parents: Isaac Dugmore and Maria Dugmore (nee Hare)
Siblings: Henry Hare Dugmore, 21 April 1810
                Anna Maria Dugmore, 13 April 1812
                William Frederick Dugmore, 13 December 1813
                Louisa Dugmore, 28 August 1815
                Caroline Dugmore, 23 October 1817
                John Thomson Dugmore, March/July 1820 - ~1903
                Rebecca Dugmore, ~1823 (died same year)
Married: Elizabeth Simpson, 13 November 1838, Grahamstown, Albany, Cape Colony, South Africa
                (Elizabeth was born in 1813, England; died 1894)
Children: Richard Dugmore (died)
                Anna Maria Dugmore, married John Griffin Hellier **; died 1918, South Africa
                Arthur Dugmore, ~1845
                George Egerton Dugmore, 26 October 1847
                Alfred Dugmore (died)
                Emma Dugmore (died)
                Fanny Dugmore (died)
                William Boyce Dugmore, 2 March 1841
                Herbert Dugmore, July 1843 - 4 Aug 1914
                Maria Barnes Dugmore, 10 April 1846 - 2 January 1931
Died: 14 June 1894, Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The picture is from the collection of David Saffery.

Henry arrived with Gardner's Party from Bristol, England, 1820.

Quote from 'Some Frontier Families' by Ivan Mitford-Barberton, p.101:
"Henry attended the Salem Academy and was later induced to come into Grahamstown by the Rev. William Shaw. He became a librarian and a Sunday School teacher and also took on the work of shoe repairing, etc. He can be considered as a self-educated man with his assistance received from the Methodist ministers in Grahamstown and his access to the library, but most probably he received his greatest help from the Shaws of Salem. In 1839 he became a minister of the Wesleyan Church, as it was called in those days.

He was also connected with the Commemoration Church in Grahamstown where there is a memorial window in his memory. He was author of 'Reminiscences of an Albany Settler', (Grahamstown - Richards and Glanville & Co. 1871). This is one of the best and also one of the rarest of Settler Africana.

Dugmore also delivered a lecture at the Jubilee Celebrations in 1870. This was reprinted in Grocott's Daily Mail in serial form from 15th January to 5th February, 1919. A sermon preached on the occasion of the celebrations of the Settler Jubilee was printed by the Mount Coke Mission Press, 1871. The same press also published a memorial discourse on the death of Rev. William Shaw, delivered in Grahamstown, 1873.

The Rev. H.H. Dugmore was also responsible for a number of other lectures, papers and some poems, translations of the Scriptures into Xhosa, and also some Xhosa hymns."

Henry Dugmore Henry Dugmore

** John Griffin Hellier was born 2 March 1845, Bristol, England. He emigrated to East London, South Africa, when he was 2 months old. He was appointed MLA in the early 1900s at East London, Cape Colony, South Africa.
John Griffin Hellier married Anna Maria Dugmore on 5 March 1874, Dordrecht, Cape (Dordrecht Wesleyan Methodist Cape Marriages). They had three children: Emma Marion Hellier, Harry Hellier, and another girl.

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