Mary Birkenhead (now Williams)

Born: ~1816, Leftwich (now Davenham, just south of Northwich), Cheshire, England
Married: Edward Williams
Children: Henry Williams, ~1847, Leftwich, Cheshire (Labourer, 1861)
                Elizabeth Williams, ~1849, Leftwich, Cheshire
                Mary E Williams, ~1853, Leftwich, Cheshire
                Sarah Williams, ~1855, Leftwich, Cheshire
                Martha Ann Williams, 13 December 1857, Leftwich, Cheshire
                Emma Williams, ~1861, Leftwich, Cheshire
Address: 1861: Hartford Road, Davenham, Leftwich, Cheshire, England

Birth certificate for Martha Ann Williams
1861 Census information for Martha Ann Williams (PDF)

Leftwich is a village in Cheshire, just (about 1-2 km) south of the town of Northwich. Historically located between Davenham and Northwich, but now part of Davenham. The map below shows the location of Davenham.
Davenham map
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