Richard Hulley

Richard Hulley Born: November 1837, Umgungundhlovu (Dingaan's kraal), near what is now Pietermaritzburg
Parents: Richard Brangan Hulley and Jane Maria Harden
Siblings: Ann Hulley, 22 May 1833
                William Hulley, 27 September 1835
                Reuben Hulley, 22 June 1836
                Martha Hulley, April 1841
                Mary Jane Hulley
                Jane Hulley, 31 March 1849
                --- Plus half brothers and sister: ---
                Isaac Edgar Hulley, 11 September 1854
                Henry Brangan Hulley, 1858
                Daniel Hulley, 26 April 1862
                Anne Maria Hulley, 8 November 1864
Married: Mary Ann Miller, 24 May 1856, Umtata, Transkei
                (Mary was born in 1819, England. Her parents were Thomas Miller and Mary Ann Leghorn)
Children: Thomas Henry Hulley, 25 November 1858 - 16 May 1941

Richard Hulley was the only European child to be born at Dingaan's 'Great Place', Umgungundhlovu. For further details, read the story of Richard Brangan Hulley.
This photograph was simply labelled 'Richard Hulley', and is not conclusively of this Richard Hulley, although the likelihood is strong.
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