Thomas Day

Born: Q3 1839, Martin Hussingtree, Worcestershire (Droitwich Union, v.18, p.219)
Parents: John Day and Sarah Day (nee Hartland)
                (married Q2 1839, Droitwich, Worcestershire, v.18, p.367)
Married: Mary Ann Peploe, 12 June 1860, Hanbury, Droitwich district, Worcestershire, England
(Mary Ann, born ~1837, Hanbury, Worcestershire; occupation Gloveress, 1861; died 1901-1911)
(Thomas was a Labourer, of Hanbury)
(Bride's father, William Peploe, was a shoemaker)
(Groom's father, John Day, was a labourer)
Children: Alfred W Day, ~1863, Worcestershire
                  Edith Day, ~1865, Worcestershire
                  Evelyn Day, 26 May 1867
                  Thomas George Day, 1870, Hadzor, Worcestershire
                  David J Day, ~1875, Hadzor, Worcestershire (Silver Polisher, 1891)
                  Ellen Day, ~1884, Salwarpe, Worcestershire
Occupation: Labourer, 1867; Agricultural Labourer, 1881; Gardener, 1891; Stoker in factory, 1901; Annealor in brass, 1911
Address: 1871: Hazel Wood Cottage, Hadzor, Droitwich, Worcestershire
                1881: Newland, Salwarpe, Droitwich, Worcestershire
                1891: Callow Hill, Green Lane, Feckenham, Callow Hill, Alcester, Warwickshire
                1901: 83 Larches Street, Aston, Warwickshire
                1911: 55 Dearman Road, Sparbrook, Birmingham, Aston, Warwickshire
Died: (Sometime after 1911 Census)

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