Ernest Bagnall

Ernest Bagnall Born: 25 October 1858, 24 Court, Coleshill Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Parents: Charles James Bagnall (Electro Plate Finisher) and Mary Bagnall (nee Pritchard)
Siblings: Charles Jas Bagnall, ~1846, Birmingham (Jeweller); died 1886
                Emma Bagnall, ~1848, Birmingham
                Elias Bagnall, ~1851, Birmingham (Errand Boy in 1861)
                Albert Bagnall, ~1853, Birmingham
                Alfred Bagnall, 1856, Birmingham (Die Sinker)
                Ernest Bagnall, 1858, Birmingham (Jeweller)
                Walter Bagnall, 1861, Birmingham (Silversmith); died 1918
                Mary Anne Bagnall, ~1863/4, Birmingham (married George Taylor, 25 March 1894, All Saints Church, Birmingham)
                Henry William Bagnall, ~1865/7, Staffordshire or Birmingham (Jeweller, Silversmith)
Married: Martha Ann (Annie) Williams, 26 April 1882 (aged 24), Church of St Bartholomew, Parish of Birmingham, County of Warwick, England
Children: Lilian (Lil) Mary Bagnall, 20 February 1882, Birmingham
                  Ernest Edward (Ted) Bagnall, 20 February 1885, Birmingham
                  Leonard (Len) Bagnall, 29 April 1888, Birmingham
                  Thomas (Tom) Stanley Bagnall, 28 July 1890, Birmingham or Worcester Sparkhill
                  Annie Gertrude Bagnall, 1 August 1892, Birmingham, Warwickshire
                  Edgar Bagnall, 17 December 1894, Birmingham
                  Reginald (Reg) Bagnall, 10 April 1897, Birmingham
Address: 1861: 2, Court 24, Coleshill Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
                1871: Mint Terrace, Handsworth, Staffordshire
                1881: 54 Whitehead Road, Aston, Warwickshire, England
                1891: 17 Baker Street, (Sparkhill), Yardley, Solihull, Birmingham
                1901: 220 Brunswick Road, Balsall Heath, Kings Norton, Worcestershire
                1911: 221 Brunswick Road, Sparbrook, Birmingham, Worcestershire
Occupation: Timekeeper for tram company; also silversmith and goldsmith (jeweller) who worked in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham
Died: Jan-Mar 1940, aged 81, Stanway Road, Solihull, Warwickshire (Vol.6D, Page 1813)

The photograph of Ernest Bagnall was taken at Madeley Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham. Ernest left that address in 1936. He then lived for a while with Reg and Bess Bagnall in Colebourne Road, before moving in with the Jones family at Stanway Road.

Ernest was talented musically, and played the piano.

Birth certificate for Ernest Bagnall
1861-1911 Census information for Ernest Bagnall (PDF)
Ernest Bagnall - 1861 Census
Ernest Bagnall - 1871 Census
Ernest Bagnall - 1881 Census
Marriage certificate for Ernest Bagnall and Annie Williams
Marriage certificate for Ernest Bagnall and Annie Williams
Ernest Bagnall - 1891 Census
Ernest Bagnall - 1901 Census
Ernest Bagnall - 1911 Census

St Bartholomew's Church (Parish of Birmingham, County of Warwick) was bombed during the war and is no longer there; instead there is now a quiet green area in the middle of town.

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