Charles Guybon Slater

Charles Guybon Slater Born: 24 July 1867
Parents: John Francis Slater and Sarah Ann Slater (nee Bland) (born 14 August 1826, Cape of Good Hope)
Siblings: John Edward Slater, 24 July 1845
                Samuel Carey Slater, August 1846 (father of Francis Carey Slater)
                Thomas George Slater, 22 March 1849
                Caroline Bland Slater, 30 December 1850
                Emma Sophia Slater, 16 February 1853
                Sarah Ann Slater, 26 December 1854
                Richard Slater, 1857
                Elizabeth (Lilly) Rachel Slater, 16 February 1859
                Susanna(h) (Susie) Hobson Slater, 1860
                Frances Charlotte Slater, 27 August 1862 (wrote under name of 'Francis Bancroft')
                Arthur William Slater, 1865
                (Charles Guybon Slater, 24 July 1867)
                Alice Mary Bright Slater, 1870
Married: Gertrude MacNab, 24 August 1907 (Gertrude b.9 April 1877 d.1973)
Children: Lorna Marguerite Slater, 1908 (died 1983)
                Rosalind (Linda) May Slater, 24 April 1911 (died 24 July 1992) (edited Carnarvon Dale Papers)
                Arthur Ronald Guybon Slater, 6 September 1912 (died 23 June 1995)
                Cecily Constance Slater, 24 March 1914
Died: 24 April 1948

Charles Guybon Slater's children
    Arthur, Lorna, and Cecily Slater

Letters written by Charles Guybon Slater to his mother from Johannesburg in 1889, and from Matabeleland and Mashonaland in 1890-1891, were published in Slater, J.F. (Ed. Rosalind Slater), THE CARNARVON DALE PAPERS. 8. Charles. Being Letters And Diaries Preserved By Mrs. J.F. Slater (Sarah Ann Bland) At Carnarvon Dale On The Bushman's River.

Charles was the twelfth child and youngest son. In 1888 he left home and took up employment as a broker's clerk in Johannesburg. Later he enlisted in the BSAP and was a member of the escort to the Rhodes 1890 Pioneer Column (was one of 'A' Troop Pioneer Column to Rhodesia). Returning home in 1891, he settled to farming after the Boer War.
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