Spiro Mangion

Spiro Mangion Born: 4 September 1879, Valletta, Malta
            (Spiro's death certificate says he was born on 15 January 1883)
            (Census of 1911 implies he was born in ~1883)
Married: Nellie Elizabeth Mangion (nee Ellis, nee Holmes)
Adopted Child: Gordon Alfred Mangion (born Ellis), born 23 October 1914, Weymouth
Occupation: 1911: Coal merchant
    (Trading as the Southern Counties Coal Association), 1 Trafalgar Place, Portsmouth
    Declared bankruptcy, December 1911
Served in HM Royal Navy (from 16 December 1897; official number 356189):
    'Nile' ship
    HMS Shannon, Second Cruiser Squadron - Gunroom Messman
    HMS Cumberland, Special Service - Messman (nearly 2 years)
        Engaged chiefly in patrol duties on the North American Station with long periods at sea
    HMS Ramillies (5 May 1917 - 1921) - Wardroom Messman
    HMS Lowestoft at Simon's Town (over 12 months) - Wardroom Messman
    Left navy in October 1922
1922-1929: Managed Cosmopolitan Hotel, Simonstown for over six and a half years
Applied to manage restaurant at Muizenberg Pavilion
Spiro Mangion cooked and ran Sir Garnet's Bar, Hanover Road, District Six.
[Sir Garnet's Hotel in Cape Town dates back to 1895 (architect John Parker).]
Address: 1934: St George's Hotel, Cape Town
Died: 19 July 1957, Groote Schuur Hospital, Observatory, Cape Cause of death: (Cor pulmonate cardiac failure)
Maseti File Record, Estate No. 4253/1957, Cape Town Master's Office

Spiro was described as having a height of either 5'0" or 5'3", with a dark complexion, black hair, and brown eyes. He was a Roman Catholic.

Spiro Mangion Spiro Mangion

Malta Family History

Spiro MANGION, born in Valletta on 4th September 1879, joined the Royal Navy and given service No. 356189


1911 Census

1911 Census information for Spiro Mangion and Nellie Ellis (PDF)
Driving Licence - Edinburgh, 1919

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