Johanna Carolina (or Corleina or Carlina or Cornelia?) Hattingh (now Penny)

Johanna Corleina Hattingh (now Penny) Born: 26 March 1880, Aliwal-North, Orange Free State, South Africa
Parents: Hendrick Stephanus Hattingh and Anna Petronella Sophia Hattingh (nee du Plessis)
Information on parents and siblings is very probable (based on death notice for Gysbert Hattingh), but not yet certainly proven.
Siblings: Gysbert Jacobus Hattingh
                Sophia Hattingh (now Penny) / Anna Petronella Susanna Hattingh
                Daisy Hattingh (now Duffy) / Margaretha Susanna Duffey
Half-Siblings: Catharina Alida Maria Hattingh (now Simes)
                          Anna Maria Johanna Frederica Hattingh (now McDermott)
                          Johannes Frederick Hattingh
                          Rachel Magdalena Hattingh
                          Charel Petrus Hattingh
                          Elizabetha Maria Hattingh (now Boshoff)
Married: William Henry Matthews Penny, 16 October 1895, Welgespruit, Witte Bergen, Aliwal North, South Africa
Children: Lionel Henry Stephen Penny, 18 February 1900; died 14 April 1954
                      m.Myra Elizabeth Billson (b.8 February 1899 d.24 April 1957), 6 July 1927, Brakpan
                      c.Lorna Penny (m.Mike c....)
                  Ivy Sophia Penny, 1902; died 1966
                      m.John Leslie Oliver (b.1905 d.1965), 17 March 1928, Brakpan
                      c1.Daphne m.Nick Breytenbach c....
                      c2.Dell m.? c....
                  Inez Penny, 21 February 1905; died 14 June 1976
                      m.Daniel Belsazar van Deventer b.19 October 1894 d.4 February 1961
                      c1.Neville van Deventer m.Inga (emigrated to Munich, Germany)
                      c2.Garth van Deventer m.Hettie
                      (Ivy and Inez lived in houses that backed on to each other.)
                  Leonard Penny
                  Louis Penny
                      c1.Winston Penny
                      c2.Anthony Penny
                  Mavis Irene Penny, 24 January 1914
                      m.Charles Edward Glenister (b.~1906), 17 May 1930, Brakpan, Transvaal
                      c1.Hazel Glenister m.Edward Justus (d.1 December 1992) c1.Claudette c2.Denise
                      c2.Keith Glenister
                  Ruth Penny, 13 May 1912
                  Stafford Penny
                      m.Nellie c.2 girls (one was Sarie)
                  Joyce Fuller Penny (twin), 2 November 1918
                  Bertha Phyllis Penny (twin), 2 November 1918
                      m.William Selling c.William
Died: 16 February 1951
Buried: Brenthurst Cemetery, Brakpan, South Africa

Marriage of William Penny and Johanna Hattingh

Grave of William Henry Penny and Johanna Corleina Penny (nee Hattingh)
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