Doris M Hanks (now Prewitt)

Doris Hanks (now Prewitt) Born: 11 July 1920, Oxford, Oxfordshire (Vol.3A Page 2148)
Parents: Edward L. Hanks (b.28 Jan 1889) and Esther M.D. Hanks (nee Eagleston)(b.13 Aug 1892)
Parents were married Q2 1915, Oxford, Oxforshire, England (Vol.3A Page 2796)
Married: Douglas Walter Prewitt, Jan-Mar 1944, Ploughley, Oxfordshire (Buckinghamshire?) (Vol.3A Page 2801)
Doug and Doris were both in the RAF when they got married.
Children: Bernard J Prewitt, 18 December 1945
                  Steven M Prewitt, 23 February 1949
Address: 1939: 55 Long Lane, Bullingdon R.D., Oxfordshire, England
                2009: 28 Busby Close, Stonesfield, Oxon, OX29 8EU, England
                2020: Care home

The following information is very likely to be the correct person, as the July 1920 birth date matches letters from Doris:
Doris M Hanks - 1939 Register transcription
Doris M Hanks - 1939 Register image
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