St Paul's Anglican Church, Port Elizabeth

St Paul's Anglican Church, Port Elizabeth St Paul's Anglican Church, Port Elizabeth St Paul's is the second oldest Anglican Parish in Port Elizabeth. Sunday School was started in 1850, the first services for adults began in 1853, and the laying of the foundation stone of the original church took place in October 1854.

Part of the early ministry of the parish was the establishment of a school in 1861. In its time, the parish has given rise to many congregations. By the time of the establishment of the diocese of Port Elizabeth, St Paul's had already moved to its present site in Parsons Hill.

The original Church stood on the corner of Albany Road and what is now Govan Mbeki Avenue. In 1960, the move finally took place. Reasons for the move were the decreasing population around the old church, the expropriation that was to accompany the widening of Main Street and the deterioration of the buildings.

The present Church reflects the continuity of witness over more than 150 years, in the magnificent stained glass windows, the pulpit, lectern and other items transferred from the original church. These are now housed in a modern building, a feature of which is the Chapel. One side of the chapel is glassed in, enabling the congregation, while they are at worship, to look out over the beautiful parish gardens.

Address: 16 Tucker Street, Parsons Hill, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa
Phone: 041-374-3124 / 5
Coordinates: 3356'44"S and 2535'23"E
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