Germiston High School - Class of 1976

30 Year Class Reunion - Sunday 29 Oct 2006

A 30-year reunion for the Germiston High School Class of 1976 will be held at the school (entrance via Rand Airport Road) on Sunday 29 October 2006 (following a website vote for this date). The current principal, Andre Beukes has confirmed the arrangements for the afternoon.

"I will have the school open for you on Sunday at 2:30pm. People can congregate in our staff room (lapa area) first. The school will make tea, coffee and cookies available. I will address the group there. From there we shall go on a tour of the school including the sport facilities, office block, museum and hall. I estimate that we shall need about an hour for the school visit, so if we start at 2:45pm, we should be done by 3:45pm."

It should be very interesting to hear about how the school is doing these days. People will then be free to wander around and reminisce.

When people are ready to order food and drinks, we can then move across to the Harvard Cafe at the Rand Airport (by popular vote). People could then stay and have a meal together (everyone simply pays for what they order themselves), and stay as long as they would like to. [Les Paikin, visiting from Australia, will arrive only later in the day, so anyone wanting to see him should plan on staying for a while.]

The gathering will be an easy-going and inclusive one, where people are free to bring their partners or children (or not, as they prefer). If friends from other years want to come along they should be welcome to, although the focus will clearly be on the Class of 1976.

There will be people attending from Australia, Kenya, and Switzerland, as well as from South Africa. I hope that some of the overseas people will send letters, pictures, or short videos for the occasion. Pictures from the event will be posted on the website afterwards.

There are, unfortunately, a few people who won't be able to attend the event on Sunday 29 October. However, if they send a note to me setting a date, time, and place for when they will be in South Africa, I will gladly circulate a message to everyone on the list, so that a few mini-reunions can also take place. I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Will you be coming on Sunday 29 October?


E-mail address:

Number of people attending (including yourself):


Thanks to the following people for initially suggesting this:

Alice Taylor (was van Straaten):
I was thinking that we MUST try to have a re-union this year - 30 years!! What do you think? What about having a re-union on Friday evening of 1st or 8th December? I don't have the energy to organise anything fancy, but we can maybe all meet at that pub/restaurant at the Rand Airport?

Quentin Fuller:
I see its now 30 years since our matric year, wonder if anyone will be keen for a reunion or get together. What about a get-together for drinks at say VLC or the Aviation club? Do we open it up to partners as well? When and what day of the week suits most people?

Gail Styger (was Louw):
We should do a 30 year reunion this year - makes me feel old! About the reunion.... I think we should do it! Should we send out e-mail to gauge the response and interest? A coffee shop in Bruma (run by Nick Dester) could be possible one Sat or Sun afternoon - it's in a very nice location (corporate) - but that means that it could be used for a private function. The other alternative is that we have it at someone's house - but that's always a hassle with parking and catering and cleaning up - better to do it somewhere commercial and everyone pays a set fee maybe for snacks and then whatever they drink. What you think?

Reinhard (Wally) Wallaberger [Switzerland]:
30 years is a long time to be out of school. My family and I are in S.A. from 28 October 2006 and are leaving on 18 November 2006. I was thinking if there is a possibility that we could organise a class reunion, getting together and having a chat and a good laugh again, seeing that we have all not seen the class / each other for such a long time. The best time for me would be during the weeks of 29 October - 3 November and 13-17 November. Do you think it would be possible?

Here are the responses so far:

Les Paikin [Australia]:
I will be in SA on the last weekend of October for a family function which will be during the day on Sunday 29th October. So an evening function is the only option for me. I fly out on Thursday 2nd November.

Elbie van Coller (was van der Westhuizen) [Australia]:
Would love to attend but as I live in Sydney and no trip is planned at this stage that might be difficult! Could us guys from overseas be part of it by sending in a video or something?

Megan Dyamond (was Wellbeloved):
Available on Sunday 29 October. Harvard is very pleasant.

Zvi Greenblatt [Israel]:
What a wonderful idea. I would love to be able to join but I have no plans to visit SA in the near future. I will be thinking of you all on that day and I would like to join for a few minutes via a 3G video call if that could be arranged. I would be happy to phone in to anyone with a mobile cabable of supporting a video call. Best regards from Israel.

Beverley Reid (was Cox):
Thanks for the mail regarding our 30 year reunion. Once a date has been set, I will look at the possibility of flying up from Cape Town for the weekend.

Maurizio Borsato [Kenya]:
I will be in S.A. around the middle to end of October. I am expecting my first grandchild (girl) around the 24th Oct!

Gail Styger (was Louw):
Sunday 29 October: Yes
We should look at the video conferencing idea - or at the very least do a short video/dvd to send to those who can't make it. I still think that Nick's place would be a good idea as we could take over the whole coffee place - but of course we would need to drive there from the school - so I am easy either way.

Stephan Forster [UK]:
Available for December dates only.
Excellent idea - apart from one or two of you I have not seen anyone since 1976! I shall be over from UK between 1st to 17 December 2006 so would be brilliant if we could make it during this time. All the very best.

Christine Pasfield (was Parker) [New Zealand]:
Apologies. Would love to share the time with you all.

Alice Taylor (was van Straaten):
Saturday 2 December: Yes
I think we should try to first accommodate the SA visits of those living overseas. If I have enough notice I can change arrangements. A walk around the school, and the Victoria Lake Club sound great. I am in still in contact with a number of GHS teachers - shall I invite them? I can probably get in touch with: Jone Bezuidenhout, Pam Zeiss, Miss James (now Mrs...), Brenda Cauldwell, John Kap, Gordon Matthee, Ray McKelvin.

Greg Christophers:
Sunday 29 October: Yes
Harvard Cafe for Lunch perhaps?

Colin Mackenzie:
Wonderful idea. At this stage I'm fairly relaxed about the date. Perhaps if any of the teachers are still around an invitation could be extended to them?

Ian Perkins [Portugal]:
Yes to dates from Friday 3 November to Friday 8 December.
I only arrive in South Africa on the 3rd of November and would really like to see everyone again and would hate to miss it by a few days. I would appreciate it if we could make it a later date, thanks. The Harvard sounds good to me.

Heidi Campbell (was Ruckert):
Sunday 29 October: Yes
What a fantastic idea. Scary to think it's been 30 years. Elbie sent me the details. Good to be in touch.

Geoff Pratt:
Sunday 29 October: Yes
Idea is super... Love to see how we have all got along!! The Harvard Cafe would be brilliant as the Vibe there is always good.

Gail (was Graham) Harris:
Sounds like a fab idea. Yes, 30 years is a long time, time was when we all considered someone who was only 30, old! Would love to join you but will be in the middle of a shooting schedule at the end of October and am only planning to be in SA around Christmas for my parents' Golden Wedding aniversary. Would love to send a video or something, so sorry that I won't be able to attend.

Greg Wurts:
We are pretty flexible as we are not going away over that period.

Stuart Gallie [USA]:
It does not seem like 30 years already. I would love to be there, but I do not have a trip planned to South Africa this year. Keep in touch. Good to hear from you. Here are my updated contact details, if you wouldn't mind updating them on the web site I would appreciate it. [Update completed]

Chris Szabo:
I'd be interested, if my health is up to it! DO let me know in advance, though. I am in the throes of moving/settling, so am a bit all over the place at the moment.

Johann Pieterse:
Any date suits me really, so long as I know about a month in advance so that I can request the day off or put in leave as necessary. Getting every weekend off is not something that happens in the airline industry, unfortunately. Look forward to seeing you.

Russell Bridger:
Sunday 29 October: Yes
Friday 8 December: Yes
No to the other dates.

Gary O'Bryan:
Friday 17 November: Yes
Harvard Cafe is good for me, only bad dates for me are unfortunately 29/10 and 3/11 and 8/12... but will still try and make a plan if those dates are the only viable ones.

Lance Herselman [USA]:
It's amazing to see all the old names again (and I do mean OLD). I would love to see y'all again but have no plans to be in SA until 2010 (World Cup Soccer). Of course when I see the plans taking shape I may be influenced to make the trip from Texas. cheers.

Reinhard (Wally) Wallaberger [Switzerland]:
Sunday 29 October: Yes
Friday 3 November: Yes
Friday 17 November: Yes
Would be nice to see the TEACHERS again.I cannot wait for this get together.The walk around the school sounds great. See you soon.

Lalita Saunders (was van Altena):
Sunday 29 October: Yes
Saturday 2 December: Yes
Sounds like a good idea! Weekends are fine - running on a tight schedule at work so I don't think a weekday will work for me. Not too keen on travelling alone from Centurion to JHB at night either. Chris Szabo - if you are still in the Pretoria area (you said you were moving!) maybe we could travel together.

Oliver Ludwig:
Sunday 29 October: Yes
Friday 3 November: Yes
Friday 17 November: Yes
29 October sounds good. Will be nice to see all the old guys in their wheelchairs and walking frames, and in light of that may I suggest no dancing!

Trevor Fraser [UK]:
I won't be able to make it unfortunately - we have just moved house. I have really followed your website with interest though, I am so proud to have been brought up in Germiston and have many fond memories of wonderful friends - it is wonderful to see the old sights and to hear what people are doing. I have promised, for too long now, to send you my details - I promise to do so soon. Very best wishes, keep up the good work and love to everyone when you do meet up. Just noticed that it may be 29 Oct - we are actually on holiday in Tenerife then (school / college half term) so if that is to be the date I will send my updated details before then. [See updated page.] Have a wonderful reunion.

Richard Holliday [New Zealand]:
Sounds like a fantastic idea. I will hopefully catch up with people individually when I come over from New Zealand in Dec/Jan. A trip which is long overdue. Hope lots of pics are posted on this site from the reunion!!!! Great to see familiar....and not so familiar names again.

Peter Freyberg:
Sunday 29 October: Yes
Fantastic...Melanie and I will both be in South Africa that weekend. Really looking forward to it.

Tom Ravenscroft [Australia]:
Hi Guys. It is good to see all the familiar names again. Seems like only yesterday that we were still at school. Sorry I can't make it. I would love to catch up with my old mates.

Andrew Franz [Australia]:
Take up the offers to "send a video or something" - all of them. Sorry, can't make it - may be visiting around Easter 2007.

Les Paikin [Australia]:
Can you believe I am in SA that weekend (29 October) to surprise my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. My luck is that the function is on Sunday afternoon. I will definitely be at the reunion afterwards (hopefully there will be an after party). To date I do not have any times, but please let me know the reunion times so that I can make a plan. I will be travelling with my brother Steven who will probably come with me.

Reinhard (Wally) Wallaberger [Switzerland]:
Thrilled!!!!!!! this is going to be GREAT!!!! It is sad that we cannot all be together at the same time, maybe we will manage it at the 31 or 35 who knows???? Surely there is a possibility that we could all meet up. Such a great bunch of ACHIEVERS. I am bringing Piero Lulli and his wife Donna, close friends of Gary Burger and myself. Old Germistonions. Rodney, THANK YOU for keeping this Home Page.

Gail Styger (was Louw):
Looks like it is coming together nicely. We should do name tags with school pictures on. Don't know if it will work? I have a PA who can help if people need to be called up, confirmed, name tags, or any other organizing.
I managed to get in touch with Miguel Pascoa and have sent him the info. Have also been twisting Nick Dester's arm to send his info and to come along. Here's to loads of fun!!

Fredy Boese [USA]:
I have an NZ trip and several trips to the southern US in the next few months and just can not swing it to be in SA later this year :-(

Russell Bridger:
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! I'll be attending along with my wife Gillian and our 6 1/2 year old daughter Courtney. See you there!

Ross Hutton:
Terri-Lee and I, together with eight month old Alexander, will be there on the 29th. Looking forward to seeing some really old faces!

Hellen Davis (was Cowie) [USA]:
Great to see that everyone is getting together - unfortunately my schedule is jammed for the next few months. One problem - I think the math is entirely wrong for the reunion - isn't it 20 years :) It is difficult to believe that 30 have passed...

Chris Szabo:
Unfortunately the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution is being held on the 29th, so there's no chance that I can attend! This is really very very sad! Oh well, there you have it. Stay in touch, Chris.

Susan Harris:
Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Unfortunately, I cant make the get-together, but look forward to receiving the pics.

Stephan Forster [UK]:
Shame I can't make this but I will be in SA from 1 to 17 December and would really like to meet up with anybody who can make another meeting. Hope all goes well on Sunday and please pass on my best wishes to all and hope that I can meet some of them in December.

Rod Nichols:
Thanks for the invite, but unfortunately I have to judge a competition on that day here in Durban so cannot make it. Good to see so many familiar names on the list. Hope you all have a great get together and hopefully I will be able to make a future one.

Miguel Pascoa:
Hi all, I'm living in Bedfordview and I often drive past the old School. It's still looking good from the outside, hopefully we can say the same for the rest of us. See you on Sunday 29 Oct.

Brenda Cauldwell [Teacher]:
I think I will be able to make it. The long drive home in the dark puts me off, but I can stop in Randburg with any of 3 kids and then get home by 8h00 ready for work. Unless I let you know otherwise, I'll meet you at school at 14h00, but must not be too late leaving.

Alice Taylor (was van Straaten):
I have got the following teachers to attend so far:
Pam Zeiss, Jone Bezuidenhout, John Kap, Ray McKelvin, John Chandler, Brenda Cauldwell. Will still try for: Gordon Mathee, Rowan Hall, Linda Riley, Maryanne Berkeljohn (nee James), Lorraine O'Connell, and some others.

Charlie Pavlich [USA]:
I wish I could attend the reunion but I have no more time off this year. Please take photos. I get together with Lance, Brenda Shunn and Helen Cowie from time to time. Take care for now.

Ian Perkins [Portugal]:
[Cannot attend on 29 October, but proposes a second get-together, maybe on Friday 17 November]
I would be delighted to meet up with as many old schoolmates as possible, so if the 17th is suitable for them then I will make sure I am available. If not the 17th then any date between the 3rd of November and the 8th of December will be OK, just let me know when and where.

Peter Freyberg [Australia]:
The Freyberg family moved to Sydney earlier this year. [See updated web page.] Our daughter Sarah is at university in Sydney, our son Rayner is finishing off Matric at St Johns, and Melanie is running between Sydney and Jo'burg. I am really looking forward to seeing everybody and was delighted to see that you had roped some of the teachers in.

Gary O'Bryan:
I will be in Welkom, but leaving there at around 14h00 so will pop in on the way through around 16h30 ish..

Brenda Shunn [1977]:
I am so excited for you all, so envious AND so impressed at the way you've put this together - good for you Rodney for creating this wonderful website ---I've so enjoyed seeing the faces and reading what you're all up to - makes me so proud to have known you ( and possibly only brushed shoulders with others of you ) - Nice of you to open this to other years also. Oh I wish I could be there - even tho' OF COURSE - I am a whole year YOUNGER than all of you and couldnt IMAGINE what it would be like to have been out of high school for so long ( for those of you who don't know me - she jests ) --- I'm hoping for pictures and stories -- mind you I think I'll send one or two of my "boeties" - I'm "Shunn's little sister" afterall. And Mr McKelvin - I've noticed of late that I can't even visualise a map of the world anymore - maybe it's time to head back to school.

Ian Watt:
Brenda Shunn in Texas - USA mentioned this to me two days ago, hence my visit to the website. My schedule on a weekend is rather busy with golf and cycling, but I would love to see some of the old school mates. I will definitely make an effort to be there.

Colleen Mills (was Pappin) [Australia]:
Well done on doing all the organisation for this; I have had such a lovely trip down memory lane just reading the names of all the people attending. I am now living with my husband Mark and 3 daughters in Brisbane Australia so unfortunately will not be able to attend the event - I will ask Ros to take some photos and look forward to seeing the ones placed on your website. It has been interesting to see how many people are now living in Australia or NZ so perhaps we can have a small get together on this side of the world. Take care and enjoy the day.

Yvonne Webb (was Cornel):
Unfortunately, Len and I cannot make the reunion as we are going diving in Rodrigues that weekend - really look forward to the rest and peace and quiet!! I have recently been on a work trip to China, and when I get back from leave I am off to India for work, so I have been kept out of mischief this year with all our expansions at work. I hope that the reunion goes really well and please say hi to those that remember me.

Chris Szabo:
Please pass my kindest regards to all. Have a great time.

Chris Manolitsis [Greece]:
While not technically a member of the class of 76, (some of you may remember that I left Germies High to spend 1976 at Cramlin College), many thanks for the invitation. I met Rodney Jones a couple of weeks before I left SA in July 1999, and am now settled in Greece. Athens is only a 10 hour flight away but unfortunaely it's winter workaholic mode from now till Easter and sadly I will not be going back to my old school to reminisce about the good ol' days. Enjoy yourselves, I'll be thinking of you on Sunday.
"It was tough starting from scratch again, but things have worked out well here. My son Terry had a bit of a rough time. Imagine at the age of 14 going from a more regimented schooling system into the somewhat anarchic education sytem in Greece. He's now in his 3rd year at Deree (an American-style college) doing Media. He turns 22 in January. Stella will be 20 in April and has just started Economics at the Capodistrian University in Athens. Coincidentally the same university that my father got his BSc Honours degree in Chemistry from, at least five decades ago."
"My wife Marie-France teaches English freelance, and I twiddle knobs. Lectured for a year and a half at a Recording College, then built another recording studio. Have been working with a famous Greek singer since early 2003, mixing her concerts, night club gigs, and recordings. It's a bit of a rock 'n roll lifestyle touring around Greece doing concerts. We have done tours in the USA, Canada, France, England, Cyprus, Turkey, and Israel. Have seen David Harris in Toronto on two such tours. I also spoke to Donald McRae when I was in London in June."
"We were due to do a tour in SA in late September but unfortunately it got cancelled. Would have been great to be back in SA even if it was only for a week or two. You can leave Africa but you can't get it out of your blood. I hope to come for a visit sometime in the future."
"29th October 1924 is my father's birthdate. He would have been 82. We'll be thinking of him all alone a Westcliff Cemetery."
"I had quite a trip down memory lane when I got the reunion proposal e-mail and something happened and out popped a song. You can share the lyrics with the others if you like. It's for all those present and all those who couldn't make it."

Attendance list for Sunday 29 October:

Ros and Kevin Allman
Tony and Stella Anagnostu
Jose Barreto
Andre Booyse
Maurizio Borsato and Vanessa de Souza
Russell, Gillian, and Courtney Bridger
Willem and Bonnie Burger
Heidi Campbell (nee Ruckert) (2)
Greg and Debbie Christophers
Nicky Dester
Megan Dyamond (nee Wellbeloved) and Ken
Roger Ellis
Peter and Melanie Freyberg
Quentin Fuller
Barry and Debbi George
Ross, Terri-Lee, and Alexander Hutton
Rodney and Debbie Jones
Malcolm Kingsley
Oliver Ludwig and Vanessa
Colin and Thea MacKenzie
Fabio and Heather Matteucci
Gail McCallum (nee Carlyon)
Gary O'Bryan
Les Paikin and his brothers - Arnold and Steven
Carolyn Panton (nee Byrne) (2)
Michael Parkin (maybe)
Miguel Pascoa
Johann Pieterse
Geoff and Beverley Pratt
Beve Ritz (nee Bender) and Alan and Alon
Leon Rogers (2)
Gail Styger (nee Louw)
Alice Taylor (nee van Straaten) and Richard Smith
Reinhard and Stacey Wallaberger, with Piero and Donna Lulli
Ian Watt
Greg and Sandy Wurts and Julia

Jone Bezuidenhout
Gita and Darryl Beck
Brenda Cauldwell
John and Margie Chandler
John Kap
Ray MacKelvin
Lydia Marais
Ken and Margaret Paine
Pam Zeiss

Germiston High School - Class of 1976
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5 November 2006