Charles "Poshie" Pavlich

Charles Pavlich

Charlie Pavlich is now living in Texas, and is involved in selling medical products for Kendall LTP (Ludlow Technical Products). They provide contract manufacturing, specializing in skin-contact disposable medical devices, hydrogel wound dressings, and interconnect systems. Kendall-LTP has a U.S. direct sales force of over 100 people located in every major metropolitan area of the country. They have product distribution centers located in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas, and California.

Charlie and his family live in a community located 30 miles outside of San Antonio, Texas, about an hour's drive away from Lance Herselman.

Oliver Ludwig
Oliver Ludwig and Charlie Pavlich
Charlie Pavlich, Hellen Davis (nee Cowie), Lance Herselman
Charlie Pavlich, Hellen Davis (nee Cowie), Lance Herselman

Married to: Capri (1986)
Children: Kylie (15), Olivia (13)
Occupation: South Central Region Manager, Kendall LTP, 8710 Dew Ridge, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015, USA
Address: San Antonio, Texas, USA
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