Heidi Campbell (nee Ruckert)

Heidi Ruckert Jane Howard and Heidi Ruckert Heidi Ruckert Heidi Campbell (nee Ruckert) Heidi Campbell (nee Ruckert)

Heidi married Coenie van der Westhuizen (elder brother of Elbie), and they had three children. Nicole (22) lives in London, and Shane (16) and Lee Ann (13) live at home with Heidi. Heidi and Coenie were divorced some time ago. Heidi lives in Alberton, and teaches at a primary school and is also Head of Sport.

Married to: ? Campbell
Children: Nicole (22), Shane (16), and Lee Ann (13)
Occupation: Teacher
Address: Alberton, South Africa
Phone (H): (011)
Phone (W): (011)
E-mail: heidi@consumerpower.co.za

Germiston High School - Class of 1976
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