Hellen Davis (nee Cowie)

Hellen Davis (nee Cowie)

Hellen Cowie Hellen Cowie Cheerleaders

Hellen Davis (nee Cowie) Hellen Davis (nee Cowie) Hellen Davis (nee Cowie)

Hellen Davis (nee Cowie) Hellen Davis (nee Cowie) Hellen Davis (nee Cowie) Hellen Davis (nee Cowie)

Hellen Davis (nee Cowie)

Charlie Pavlich, Hellen Davis (nee Cowie), Lance Herselman
Charlie Pavlich, Hellen Davis (nee Cowie), Lance Herselman
Gail (was Graham) Harris and Hellen Davis (nee Cowie)
Gail (was Graham) Harris and Hellen Davis (nee Cowie)
Hellen Davis (nee Cowie), Gail (was Graham) Harris, and Jackie Cowie
Hellen Davis (nee Cowie), Gail (was Graham) Harris, and Jackie Cowie
Jackie Cowie and Hellen Davis (nee Cowie)
Jackie Cowie and Hellen Davis (nee Cowie)

Hellen Davis (nee Cowie) was educated in the United States, England, Scotland, France, and South Africa. She holds a BS Computer Science, Masters Designation in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and holds a CLU from American College focused on Estate Taxation and Planning, Corporate Taxation, Financial Analysis and Budgeting, and Accounting Practices in Corporations. While in the insurance and investment industry, Hellen successfully completed several NASD securities licences.

She resides in Florida, USA, with her husband, Jack, and their two children. When she was younger, she modelled overseas and she holds the Mrs East Coast USA 2002 title. Hellen came to the United States more than 15 years ago from South Africa with next to nothing and is now a self-made millionaire. She is creative and artistic and in her free time enjoys spending time on the beach with her family, reading voraciously, and working with stained glass and mosaics. She has over six years experience in the skydiving world and was a parachuting instructor. Hellen was a coach and judge for two skydiving World Champion teams. She plays tennis and golf, loves to create stained glass, and enjoys entertaining friends.

For more than two decades, Hellen Davis has been a corporate strategist, executive consultant, and motivational speaker. Hellen Davis is the President and CEO of Indaba Training Specialists, a management consulting and training corporation. Her clients include executives and leaders from dozens of Fortune 100 corporations. Hellen is an entrepreneur who has been a guest on many talk shows and has appeared on a large variety of TV and radio stations across the USA (CNN, Dateline, EXTRA, etc.). She recently appeared on the cover of Main Line Today and is frequently quoted in national publications. Her books, manuals, and audio-visual materials are widely distributed by bookstores, online, in corporations, and by independent consultants.

Hellen has delivered motivational, strategic planning, and sales presentations worldwide. Her keynote addresses are described as dynamic, motivating, captivating, and educational. She entered the sales arena in the life insurance industry where she quickly rose to become one of the top producers in a $14 billion insurance company. Her skills and success in sales result from being a top sales person for a Fortune 100 Company, as well as a general agent for a multi-national insurance company. Hellen says, "The experience I had selling financial products and services as well as my experience in air sports (skydiving, flying, and hang gliding) was the grounding and springboard for the goals I have achieved. This unique combination of experiences forced me to confront fear, overcome adversity, plus it taught me that to a large extent survival depends on achieving a high level of knowledge in the endeavour I am undertaking."

In keeping with her love of the life insurance industry, she personally coaches over fifty insurance and investment people annually so that they can attain similar success. Hellen also coaches dozens of CEOs, executives, and management teams in the process of accountability and executing strategic goals. She is well respected for her extensive knowledge of influencing strategies, strategic planning, behaviour modification processes, sales and peak performance expertise, and negotiation tactics. Her keynotes and seminars focus on influencing strategies, communication and management development, sales management practices, and training techniques.

Hellen Davis has an impressive knowledge of the international marketplace and shares her global philosophy with audiences. She lived overseas in Africa and Europe for more than twenty years and is fluent in five languages. She founded, owned, and operated an import/export company in South Africa dealing with Europe, the Far East, and other African countries, the United States, and Canada. After immigrating to the USA, she and her husband founded 30glycolic.com, a company that has supplied skin care products online throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa since 1988.

Several years ago, Indaba Training Specialists, Inc. formed a subsidiary, Indaba Press. With Hellen's leadership, Indaba Press has produced numerous audio cassette series, corporate manuals, support and training materials and workbooks; including several based on the cutting edge techniques in the fields of influence and of neuro linguistics (the language of behaviour and brain patterns), specifically designed for sales, marketing, customer service, and management professionals.

Hellen has graced the cover of "Main Line Today" magazine, headlining an article entitled, "Women in Charge" and "Philadelphia Magazine" voted Hellen Davis as one of Philadelphia's "Women to Watch" because of her business acumen, her contributions to the area's networking affiliates and women's business organizations, her role in raising consciousness for effective networking and her good standing in the community. She is often quoted in publications and newspapers; including the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, Lancaster New Era, etc. Ms Davis has been a guest on many talk shows and has appeared on a large variety of TV and radio stations across the country (CNN, Dateline, EXTRA, Philly After Midnight, ABC: WPVI-Philadelphia, ABC: WHTM-Harrisburg, CBS: WHP-Harrisburg, NBC: WBRE-Wilkes-Barre, NBC: WGAL-Lancaster, FOX: WOLF Scranton, 96.5 WWDB-Philadelphia's Talk Station, 1210 WPHT-Talk Radio etc.).

Hellen Davis is Past President of the Main Line Women's Network, Past President of Women's Capital Funding, a Past Board Member of The Women's Referral Network of Chester County, Past President of the Tri-County Business Alliance, current Board Member of the YMCA Heritage Foundation, and a Charter Member of the National Association of Female Executives.

Hellen is author of a book called "The 21 Laws of Influence". She has also written 'Alignment - The RAř Interface', 'Moving Forward with Change', 'Feedback & Coaching', 'Influence & Communication', 'Guerrilla Weight Loss', and 'Teambuilding'.

Hellen is president and CEO of Indaba, a 25-employee management consultancy and executive coaching firm.

Hellen Davis, CLU, founder of Indaba Training Specialists, Inc. is an executive strategist with over two decades of management, strategic planning, behaviour modification, sales and peak performance expertise. The name of the company "Indaba" comes from her native homeland of South Africa. Indaba is a Zulu word for the concept of 'seeking knowledge'. Indaba is a process of discovery, analysis, goal setting, and self-fulfilment - a process that reinforces the mission of the company. From her experience, and through collaboration with her associates on the Indaba Team, have evolved creative and customized training courses for optimum adult learning and employee development. Companies request that the Indaba team collaborate with them to find solutions for current problems and to assist in addressing behavioural issues. The goal is to align employee actions and attitudes with current market requirements. Throughout their history, Indaba has been renowned for extending specialized assistance to clients. The Indaba team has been recognized by AT&T and presented with the Diamond Award for Excellence on three separate occasions.

Indaba instructors and consultants have been involved in sales, management, and consulting since 1973. Indaba consistently achieves results, and with its proven track record (e.g. documented 43% sales increase with a major insurance and investment corporation) has numerous long-standing relationships with a diverse range of Fortune 500 companies. The company provides its clients with consistent high levels of customer service. Indaba's instructors and consultants are pre-screened and certified professionals from a variety of fields. The company's corporate office is located in Treasure Island, Florida.

Married to: Jack Davis
Children: Jasmin and Justin
Occupation: Corporate strategist, author, and motivational speaker
Address: Malvern, Pennsylvania
Phone (H):
Phone (W): +1-727-360-0111
Website: http://www.indaba1.com
E-mail: HDavis@indaba1.com or indaba@tampabay.rr.com

Germiston High School - Class of 1976
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