Chris Manolitsis

Chris Manolitsis
Chris was not strictly a member of the class of 1976, as he spent his final year of school at Damelin College.

Chris lived in West Avenue, Randburg until July 1999 when he left South Africa. He has now settled in Greece.

"It was tough starting from scratch again, but things have worked out well here. My son Terry had a bit of a rough time. Imagine at the age of 14 going from a more regimented schooling system into the somewhat anarchic education sytem in Greece. He's now in his 3rd year at Deree (an American-style college) doing Media. He turns 22 in January. Stella will be 20 in April and has just started Economics at the Capodistrian University in Athens. Coincidentally the same university that my father got his BSc Honours degree in Chemistry from, at least five decades ago."

"I twiddle knobs. Lectured for a year and a half at a Recording College, then built another recording studio. Have been working with a famous Greek singer since early 2003, mixing her concerts, night club gigs, and recordings. It's a bit of a rock 'n roll lifestyle touring around Greece doing concerts. We have done tours in the USA, Canada, France, England, Cyprus, Turkey, and Israel. Have seen David Harris in Toronto on two such tours. I also spoke to Donald McRae when I was in London in June."

"We were due to do a tour in SA in late September but unfortunately it got cancelled. Would have been great to be back in SA even if it was only for a week or two. You can leave Africa but you can't get it out of your blood. I hope to come for a visit sometime in the future."

"29th October 1924 is my father's birthdate. He would have been 82. We'll be thinking of him all alone a Westcliff Cemetery."

"I had quite a trip down memory lane when I got the reunion proposal e-mail and something happened and out popped a song. You can share the lyrics with the others if you like. It's for all those present and all those who couldn't make it."

Song lyrics

Married to: Marie-France
Children: Terry (21) and Stell (19)
Occupation: Musician
Address: Athens, Greece
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