Greg Dale

Greg Dale and family

Greg wasn't actually a part of the Class of 1976 at Germiston High School, but was part of the group that came from Colin Mann Primary School.

Greg is head of operations for Continental Air, based in Houston, Texas, and flies all over the world for meetings. He generally lands in Johannesburg when visiting his parents and sister (sometimes together with his family) in South Africa at least once a year.

Greg's eldest sister, Patricia, is also married but has no children. She lives in Florida and teaches at a school (class 1 and 2).

His other sister, Dianne (now Soutter), lives in Durban. She is married with three children: Mignon (26) is a chartered accountant in Cape Town. Nicola (Nicky) (24) is a teacher now working in an accounting office in Johannesburg. (She got married on 28 December 2002, and Greg's daughters were flower girls at the wedding.) Wesley (20) is studying 3rd year law in Durban. Diane's e-mail address is

Greg's Mom and Dad are keeping well, although they are getting a little older.

Married to:
Children: Two girls, Katey and Heather, aged 10 and 8
Occupation: Head of operations, Continental Air
Address: Houston, Texas, USA
Phone (H):
Phone (W):

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