Mark Shaw-Taylor

Mark Shaw-Taylor
Mark initially spent six years at Deloitte and Touche in Johannesburg, then eighteen years at Macsteel (Pty) Ltd in Wadeville as the Group's Operations Director and then emigrated to Sydney, Australia.

He was firstly involved in taking an equity option in a steel manufacturing company. After having the bank renege on a deal, two of them decided to sell their shares to the remaining Australian partner, as the company would have been too small for two of them. He then went into business consulting (which directly translated means "South African out of work"). He picked up a job with an Optical company that was supposed to be a three to four week seven-day week assignment. It turned out to be a fourteen month seven-day week project. He helped the owner re-sell to the biggest Optical company in Australia called OPSM, which is listed on the Australian stock exchange. Mark was offered a position to turn one of their brands around and grow it from 62 stores to 200 odd, Australia wide. He was some eighteen months into the project when the company had a friendly takeover in December 2003 by the largest Optical company in the world, which is listed on the New York and Milan stock exchanges. He has just managed to survive a restructuring that saw his position as General Manager of a company become redundant. He is now responsible for Business Development and Operational Services for the Group, which includes all of Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

Mark is married to Margriet, a Craighall girl, and has three boys - Michael 17, James 15, and Kevin 12.

The photograph above was from the Germiston High Regatta at the Victoria Lake Club in the 1972/3 rowing season (in which they won the 500 metre sprint). It shows others from the class of 1975. From left to right: Dario Campetti, Basil Costas (tragically passed away in his prime of life), Mark Shaw-Taylor, Terrence Pepper.

Mark currently lives about five minutes away from Elbie van Coller (nee van der Westhuizen).

Married to: Margriet
Children: Michael (17), James (15), and Kevin (12)
Address: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Phone (H):
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Germiston High School - Class of 1976
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