Tom Ravenscroft

Thomas Ravenscroft Tom Ravenscroft Tom Ravenscroft

After school, Tom joined Safmarine as an engineering cadet, then became a production manager at a lead factory in Cape Town. He then started his own lead business, and distributed stained glass. He and his family moved to Perth in 1999. He is now a part owner of Snapper, a commercial framing company.

Married to: Serena
Children: Gina (second year at university), Toni, Santina, Leandra, Andrew
Occupation: Part owner of a commercial framing company
Address (H): 1 Forestville Court, Kallaroo, Perth, Western Australia
Address (W): Unit 1, 22 Winton Rd, Joondalup, 6027, Western Australia
Phone (H): +61-8-9402-8850
Phone (W): +61-8-9301-1511
Cellphone: +61-414-595-567
E-mail: or
Website (Snapper):

Germiston High School - Class of 1976
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