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Alberts Farm is a large tract of land comprising of natural grassland, Joburg's only artesian spring, marsh, a rocky ridge, grassed lawn and trees. It has dam that is suitable for dog swimming.

Access: It is in Albertskroon (Map Studio p.78, DG92) near Northcliff in north Johannesburg.

Parking: There are two places to park: (1) In De La Rey Road opposite the main dam near to the intersection with Zulu Street; and (2) In the centre of the park where there is an access road leading off of 8th St. There are no car guards, so leave your valuables in the boot or at home.

Safety: The southern side of the park is in a rather seedy area and there are people living in along the stream that runs along the south side. Thus the walk stays away from that section. The rest of the park seems well used - the best time is Sunday morning. Walk in groups and stick to the sections that have the most people.

Facilities: There are trash bins and children's playground equipment near the dam. A tap with potable water is located under an oak tree near the house in the middle. The water from the natural spring (S on the map) is also very clean and drinkable.

The Walk: There is a network of well used paths and open lawns in the northern 2/3 of the park. I would recommend the following route for a good and varied walk.

Start to the north of the main dam and walk along the path that runs along western edge and follow it around the dam. You will normally pass several fisherman, picnickers and church groups using the dam's edge. At the North-Western edge follow a small stream into a small rocky outcrop shaded by some gnarled trees. The stream starts life among the rocks - this is the only artesian spring in Johannesburg and the water is drinkable.

Leave the spring and walk west following a path that leads you into the low natural grassland section. This path takes you up to the boundary fence at Judith Crescent. At the fence, turn sharp left and follow a path that leads up a small hill. There will be house on your right hand side. The views across to the east and south Joburg are quite stunning. After about 500 m take a very well used path leading off to your left back to the middle of the park.

As you leave the natural grassland, you will see a small fenced in and rather neglected cemetery. This is where the members of the Alberts family are buried. Sophia Alberts (the grave on the right hand side) is the person for whom Sophiatown was named. Walk towards the central parking area and skirt it in a clockwise direction until you reach the edge of the lawn and the beginning of the tall grassed section. Turn left and walk along this boundary past the fenced in house where a council employee called Willie lives - he cuts over one million acres of grass in Johannesburg.

The grass boundary leads you back to the main dam. Before the dam look for 2 paths leading to the right. Take any one and it will lead you to a lily pond. Walk around the pond in an anti-clockwise direction (you come close to De La Rey Road - so put your dog on a lead if necessary). Follow the small stream leading north back to the main dam and your starting point.

Watch Out For: (1) The tall grass south of the lawned central section. There are people living there, washing in the stream and defacating in the grass. (2) People parked near the dam having a party - they may be drunk and they can drive their vehicles recklessly when leaving. (3) Lots of broken glass on the rocky ridge that runs along the northern boundary of the park. (4) Fish hooks near the dam that may snag your dogs paws.

More Info: Godfrey Giles 011-782-6607 or 083-600-0062 of the Alberts Farm Conservancy Management Committee.

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Hours: Daily (Monday to Sunday): x:00am to x:00pm
Phone: +27-11-
Cost: Entry is free.
Refreshments: None.

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