Boskruin Koppie

Boskriun Koppie is one of the few remaining "green lungs" left in the northern part of the Johannesburg area. With indigenous trees hundreds of years old, the vegetation is rich and beautiful. Over 144 different species of birds and small animals (including hedgehogs, tortoises, and mongooses) have made this their home. Dassies can often be seen basking in the sun on top of the picturesque natural outcrop of ancient granitic rocks.

Boskruin Koppie forms part of the Johannesburg Dome that is made up of an ancient basement. This basement lies under rocks that once covered the whole region, over 3000 million years ago. It is an ancient shear zone in granitic rocks, and has slopes ranging between 29 and 6. It is an area of immense rich biodiversity and is one of the last few natural outcrops in the urban area. The koppie is located within the northern end of South Africa's Highveld Plateau and has an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level.

The area is owned by the Dutch Reformed Church. The Koppie has been sectioned into two parts, a preservation area and a conservation area. The preservation area has been donated to the council and is protected from any future development. The conservation area, however, is still owned by the church and has since been rezoned from "Agricultural" to "Residential" and is due to be sold and developed. There are plans to demolish the lower part of the koppie, which is the most dense and lush, to develop 23 luxury houses.

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