Johannesburg National Monuments

  1. City Hall Complex, Rissik Street

  2. Post Office Building, Rissik Street

  3. N.Z.A.S.M. Locomotive (Emil Kessler), Johannesburg Station

  4. Windybrow, Pietersen Street, Parktown

  5. Old Fort, Hospital Hill

  6. Poswohl Synagogue, Mooi Street

  7. Church Hall, Princess Street, Troyeville

  8. Dutch Reformed Church, c/o Corrie and Op de Bergen Streets, Fairview

  9. Louw Geldenhuys House (1903), 14 Greenhill Road, Emmarentia

  10. Yukon, 33 North Avenue, Bezuidenhout Valley

  11. Reconstructed Dias Cross (the remnants came from Kwaaihoek), University of the Witwatersrand

  12. Glenshiel and stables, Woolston Road, Westcliff

  13. Rock engravings, Zoological Gardens, Jan Smuts Avenue, Forest Town

  14. St Margaret's House, 3 Rock Ridge Road, Parktown

  15. Stone House, 5 Rock Ridge Road, Parktown

  16. Northwards, 21 Rock Ridge Road, Parktown

  17. The Pines, 9 Gordon Hill Road, Parktown

  18. North Lodge, 17 Victoria Avenue, Parktown

  19. Dolobran, 16 Victoria Avenue, Parktown

  20. Emoyeni, 15 Jubilee Road, Parktown

  21. Hazeldean Hall, 20 Rock Ridge Road, Parktown - Provisional

  22. The View, 18 Rock Ridge Road, Parktown - Provisional

  23. Randjeslaagte Beacon, Boundary Road

  24. The Wilds Nature Reserve, 1 Houghton Drive, St Andrew Road, Houghton Estate

  25. King Edward VII School main building, 44 St Patrick Road, Houghton

  26. 143 Fulham Road, Brixton

  27. Site of Discovery of Main Reef Group of Conglomerates, Langlaagte

  28. Melville Koppies Nature Reserve, Judith Road

  29. The Locomotive 'Kitty', Rosherville Workshops

  30. The Paul Lowenstein Collection of Rock Paintings, Archaeological Research Unit, University of the Witwatersrand

This list was originally based on one appearing in 'Guidebook to sites of geological and mining interest on the central Witwatersrand', edited by F. Mendelsohn and C.T. Potgieter, Geological Society of South Africa, 1986.

Copyright © 2003, Rodney Jones,, Randburg, South Africa (Last updated on 22 November 2003)