Tonquani Gorge and Cedarberg Kloof

Tonquani Gorge Cedarberg Kloof

These gorges must be the most spectacular in the Magaliesburg. The gorges are deep and the day is spent walking mostly in the water. We always walk wearing rockies (sandals) instead of hiking boots due to the water. The gorges are controlled by the Mountain Club of South Africa and a permit is required to enter. The kloofs are right next door to the Mountain Sanctuary Park and combined with a camping weekend at the park makes for a wonderful weekend.

For permits call Linda Margetts (011) 678-1042
Mountain Club of South Africa, PO Box 1641, Houghton, 2041, Johannesburg

Hours: Daily (Monday to Sunday): x:00am to x:00pm
Phone: (011)
Fax: +27 11
Refreshments: None available

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1 January 1998