Top Star Drive-In

Top Star Drive-In Top Star Drive-In

Drive-in cinemas ( have been widespread around the world since their introduction in Camden, New Jersey in 1933, although many of them have fallen upon hard times in recent years.

The most unusually located South African drive-in cinema is the Top Star Drive-In, situated on top of one of Johannesburg's mine dumps (most of which are currently being re-mined for residual gold). The massive drive-in screen competes with amazing views of the city. This location overlooks Johannesburg, and you can see for miles around. The drive-in is signposted from the M2 motorway.

"Ag pleeez Daddy, won't you take us to the Drive-In/ All six, seven of us, eight nine ten / We wanna see the fliek about Tarzan the Ape-Man / and when the show is over you can take us home again" - Jeremy Taylor

Address: Top Star Drive-In, Simmonds South Way, Park Central, Johannesburg
Hours: About 8pm and 10pm daily
Movies currently showing:
Phone: 011-493-5877
Cost: About R20 per car
Refreshments: Available for purchase

Star Dust - by Sally Gaule

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