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1 August 2003

Something fishy going on

Something fishy going on ...
Derick van Staaden crouches beside his company's fish pond which was emptied of 42 koi fish by robbers.

Ferndale's illegal fences get destroyed
Johannesburg Road Agency workers remove palisades blocking a street in Ferndale.

Insurance may rise as booms crash down
The removal of booms and security fences could have a huge impact on the cost of insurance.

Around the whole world - on a bike
Riding a bicycle around the entire planet is not everyone's idea of a fun time, but for Rob Cassibo who breezed into Sandton to stay with friends while his bike was being fixed, it has been his lifelong dream.

A new way of thinking (26 June 2003)
Adri van Deventer of Malanshof is a qualified Brain Gym facilitator and explains how 26 simple physical movements can improve children with learning disabilities.

Chief Wench gets greasy (19 October 2001)
Breaking down in the middle of the night on a deserted street is any woman's worst nightmare. Unless you're 29 year old Niven Postma, in which case you'll don a wrench and spanner and escape the ordeal with nothing more than a grease smudge on your cheeks ...

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