National Reconciliation

African Enterprise
African Enterprise is recognised as a non-denominational and non-racial organisation well able to negotiate peace between groups in conflict. AE has always been active in reconciliation initiatives throughout Africa. Not only is healing and forgiveness ministered to local communities, but reconciliation between the leaders of rival factions often occurs as a result of special ministry weekends. AE is seen as the "honest broker" by rival political groups. Many heads of state, including Nelson Mandela, have openly recognised AE's unique role in these areas.

African Enterprise - Bridge-Building Workshops and Action Encounters
This is a two-day residential workshop where we build relationships by learning to manage our stereotypes, misconceptions and concerns. The programme is run using various simulation games, trust building exercises, small-group interaction and open discussion. Similar to the workshop, the Action Encounter is run over four days, and includes working together in building our nation through community projects.

African Enterprise - Koinonia Encounters
Our objective is to facilitate intercultural and interdenominational peace-building through the formation of relationships. Through the course of the programme, participants will have ample time to form friendships with brothers and sisters in Christ from communities with which they might ordinarily have only superficial contact, therein promoting unity and a more effective witness within the Body of Christ. The meal group works with groups of 6 - 8 participants coming together to share a meal, on a rotation basis, in each other's homes. Each participant will be required to provide one, maybe two, meals for their group during the 18-week process. On completion of the course, participants will be given opportunity for further involvement in our work towards unity and reconciliation.

South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Truth - the Road to Reconciliation.

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation
The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) is a multi-disciplinary South African non-governmental organisation. Since its inception in 1989, the CSVR has been dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to peaceful and fundamental transformation in South Africa, and in the Southern African region.

The Forgiveness Project
The Forgiveness Project consists of a travelling exhibition of narratives and pictures that tell the less publicised stories of reconciliation - the stories of people who have discovered that the only way to move on in life is to lay aside hatred and blame. The project covers the fields of conflict resolution, reconciliation, and victim support.

MAP International
MAP International is a Christian non-profit relief and development organization promoting the total health of people living in the world's poorest communities. Founded in 1954 as the Medical Assistance Programs of the Christian Medical Society, MAP initially provided medicines to U.S. health missionaries and mission hospitals, but later included support of indigenous workers too. MAP developed a distinct and recognized competence in bridge-building among many different groups: Bridging Christian denominations with one another; Bridging missions and relief and development agencies. MAP is committed to promoting Total Health as we respond to needs, build partnerships, do justice and love mercy, work for reconciliation, act with integrity and accountability, purse excellence and seek to learn.

The Justice & Reconciliation Project
The Justice & Reconciliation Project (JRP) is an American national nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing restoration, reconciliation, and healing to crime victims and offenders. Their mission is to restore the lives of those harmed by crime by advocating for criminal justice reforms promoting forgiveness and reconciliation between crime victims and offenders, and to raise up a victims-led voice in support of restorative justice policies.

The Community of the Cross of Nails - USA

The Coventry Cathedral International Reconciliation Ministry is dedicated to fighting hate and promoting tolerance.

NCCJ - The National Council for Community and Justice

The International Reconciliation Coalition
Reconciliation resources.

The Pluralism Project
The Pluralism Project is a Harvard University Committee on the Study of Religions.

Social Justice

Sojourners is an evangelical social justice magazine, providing an 'alternative evangelical vision to the religious right'.

The Other Side magazine
Social justice magazine, evangelical, praxis orientated.

National Catholic Reporter
National Catholic Reporter - social justice, working for an open and inclusive Catholic Church.

Christian Aid
UK organization fighting for social justice around the globe. Very good resources for third world development.

Catholic Worker
Living out the Gospel through intentional community and voluntary poverty and becomeing servants for all.

Reform Judaism's Social Action Center
Liberal Judaism's political action center, very comprehensive website.

Salt of the Earth
A Claretian order (RCC) social justice journal.

Center of Concern
A Jesuit social justice centre.

Jubilee Network
Calling for an end to third world debt, economic justice around the globe.

Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community

United Church of Christ Justice and Peace Page

Democratic Socialists of America Religious Commission

Mennonite Committee on social justice
A comphrehensive guide to issues both Canadian and American.

American Friends Service Committee

Methodist Federation for Social Action

Religious Organizing Against the Death Penalty

Bread for the World

Michael Lerner's Tikkun magazine

10 Days for Global Justice
A Canadian inter-church global justice group.

Student Christian Movement of Canada
A strong social justice emphasis.

Jewish Social Action

Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization / Pastors for Peace
Works on Cuban embargo, other justice issues.

National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice

National Farmworkers Ministry

Jewish Fund for Justice

Interfaith Coalition on Immigrant Rights

Protestants for the Common Good

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility


Fellowship of Reconciliation
Christian umbrella pacifist organization.

Witness for Peace
Christian peacemaking group, having an especially long history with Latin America.

Pax Christi USA
International catholic pacifist group.

Christian Peacemaker Teams
Mennonite / Quaker peace group, especially involved in the Middle East.

Bruderhof Peacemakers Guide - Fighting For Peace
A community dedicated to building a more peaceful and just world through non-violent means, based on the teachings of Jesus. Writings on reconciliation, conflict resolution, pacifism, and conscientious objection to military service are included, as are profiles of many well-known peacemakers.

Project Plowshares
Peace group in Canada.

National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors

Orthodox Peace Fellowship

Gandhi Institute on Non-violence

Jewish Peace Fellowship

Baptist Peace Fellowship

Ecumenical Peace Institute

Conflict Resolution Site

Reconciliation around the World





Democratic Republic of Congo


Lessons from Nicaragua, South Africa, and Northern Ireland

Israel / Palestine
The Open House Center in Ramle, Israel, was founded in 1991 to further peace and coexistence among Israeli Arabs and Jews.

Jewish - Christian


Northern Ireland
The roles played by Christianity in conflict and in reconciliation
Moving beyond sectarianism
Comparison between South Africa and Northern Ireland
The Glencree Centre for Reconciliation is a non-governmental organisation that seeks to work together with all those trying to build peace, in whatever area of society. Uniquely in the Republic of Ireland, the Glencree Centre for Reconciliation at Enniskerry, County Wicklow provides facilities which are expressly devoted to peace-building and reconciliation issues. Glencree people perceive peace-building as a process which provides opportunities to understand the nature and meaning of conflicts, and opportunities to resolve them without recourse to violence. The work of the Glencree Centre for Reconciliation is best described under three headings: General Reconciliation Work; Political Reconciliation Work; Work with Religious Believers.
Some useful resources on Northern Ireland



South Africa
Thabo Mbeki's speech in Rwanda about SA reconciliation process
Good academic paper on SA and role of international community
National Unity and Reconciliation Bill

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