Sarah Slater

Born: 18 September 1794, South Kensington, London, England
Christened: 15 October 1794, St Marylebone Parish Church, Marylebone Road, London, England
Parents: Thomas Slater and Sophia Slater (nee Hall)
Siblings: Sarah Slater, 18 September 1794, South Kensington, London, England
                Charles Slater, 28 November 1796, London, England
                Matthew Slater, 9 January 1799, London, England
                Juliana Slater (also known as Julia Ann or Hannah), 7 July 1804, London, England
                Elizabeth Slater, 26 February 1806, London, England
                George Slater, 23 April 1808, London, England
                Henry Twelves Slater, 16 July 1810, London, England
                Thomas Slater, 1811, London, England
                Edward Slater, 1813, London, England
                John Francis Slater, 14 December 1816, London, England
Married: No
Children: None
Died: 3 December 1895, 'Carnarvondale', Paterson (Sandflats), Eastern Cape, South Africa
Buried: Salem, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Coordinates: 3328'18.82"S and 2629'06.16"E, elevation 241m

Christening of Sarah Slater
 England Births and Christenings 1538-1975, Image 41 of 641

Sarah Slater initially stayed behind in England when her family left for South Africa in 1820. She later came out to South Africa in 1826, as part of Shepherd's Party.

Sarah Slater lived past 100. She ran a school in Grahamstown, from her house on the corner of Beaufort and Hill Streets, and had Mary Moffatt (the future wife of David Livingstone) as one of her pupils. She collected many letters in a chest at Carnarvon Dale farm and these were later published as the 'Carnarvon Dale Papers'.
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