Thomas George Stemp

Thomas Stemp Born: George Thomas Stemp, 11 February 1851, Lambeth, London, England (Jan-Mar 1851, Vol.4, p.284)
Baptized: George Thomas Stemp, 9 March 1851, Saint Mark's Church, Kennington (near Lambeth), London (Father: Thomas Stemp; Mother: Eliza)
Baptized: 9 March 1851, Parish of St Mark, Notting Hill, Borough: Kensington and Chelsea, County: Middlesex
Parents: Thomas Stemp (Parcel Carrier) and Eliza Stemp (nee Cook, according to birth certificate info)
Siblings: George Thomas Stemp, 1851
                Elizabeth Amy (or Annie) Stemp, 21 July 1852; (married James Johnson)
                Harriet Louisa Stemp, April 1854, Lewisham, (London), Sydenham, Kent, England; (married Henry Weatherly)
                Eliza Ellen Stemp, April 1856, Lewisham, (London), Sydenham, Kent, England (died 1886, Islington, London)
                William Charles Stemp, 1858, (Lewisham), Sydenham, Somerset, England
Address: 1851: 12 Kennington Cross, Lambeth, Surrey, England
                1861: 238 Wells Road, Sydenham, Lewisham, Kent, England
Married 1: Mary Jane Turner, 27 November 1870, Parish church of St Jude, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex (Oct-Dec 1870, Bethnal Green, London, Vol.1C, p.748)
Children: Florence Stemp, 14 December 1876, Camberwell, London (Middlesex), England
Widowed: Mary Jane (Turner) Stemp had died by 1891
Address: 1891, 1892: 2 Grange Park, Thornton Heath (Croydon)
                1901, 1907: 32 Lower Church Street, South Croydon
Married 2: Annie Morris (nee Whybrew), 19 November 1892, Croydon, Surrey, England (Vol.2A, p.537)
Children: May Stemp, 8 May 1893
Occupation: Policeman (force number 54557) from 7 August 1871 to 5 October 1896
Detective police sergeant (1891), Police Sergeant (1892), Railway detective (1901), Police Sergeant Pensioned (1907)
Died: 6 April 1907 (aged 56), 32 Lower Church Street, South Croydon, London, England (Apr-Jun 1907, Vol.2A, p.155)
    Died from pulmonary tuberculosis
Buried: Croydon Cemetery, England

Thomas Stemp was a Scotland Yard detective. He was born in Lambeth, and his father's name was Thomas. He was a widower, aged 41 years and 9 months, when he married Annie Morris, who was 31 years and 10 months old.
The marriage certificate seems to have slightly incorrect ages listed for Thomas (43) and Annie (30), that do not match with birth certificates or census information.
The marriage and death certificates, and the 1891 and 1901 census information are all certain. The birth certificate is almost certainly his, as it seems correct in all respects, other than it lists his name as George Thomas Stemp. The 1851 Census (same address as birth certificate) shows his name as Thomas George Stemp, which provides further strong evidence.

Birth certificate for George Thomas Stemp
Birth certificate record for George Thomas Stemp (PDF)
Parents of George Thomas Stemp (PDF)
1851 Census image for Thomas George Stemp
1851 Census information for Thomas George Stemp
1861 Census image (part 1) for George Thomas Stemp
1861 Census image (part 2) for George Thomas Stemp
Possible signature of Thomas George Stemp (1871)
Police joining record for Thomas George Stemp (1871)
Police departure for Thomas George Stemp (1896)
Metropolitan Police joining and departure record
1891 Census image for Thomas Stemp (Annie Morris, neighbour)
Marriage certificate (Mary Jane Turner)
Marriage certificate (Annie Morris)
1901 Census image for Thomas Stemp
1901 Letter from Scotland Yard
Death certificate for Thomas George Stemp
Death certificate record for Thomas George Stemp (PDF)

Illustrated Police News

The Illustrated Police News was a weekly illustrated newspaper which was one of the earliest British tabloids. A number of articles mention Thomas Stemp.

Illustrated Police News, Saturday 15 December 1883, p.2 (Capture of prize fighters near London) mentions Police-serjeant Stemp
Illustrated Police News, Saturday 31 October 1885, p.4 (Burglary at a bank) mentions Police-sergeant Stemp, G Division
Illustrated Police News, Saturday 27 August 1892, p.4 (Alleged frauds at Croydon) mentions Detective-sergeant Stemp
Illustrated Police News, Saturday 14 January 1893, p.2 (The murder at Thornton Heath) mentions Sergeant Stemp
Illustrated Police News, Saturday 10 February 1894, p.3 (A boy charged with stealing whisky) mentions Detective-sergeant Thomas Stemp
Illustrated Police News, Saturday 11 January 1896, p.3 (A career of crime) mentions Detective-sergeant Stemp
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