Annie Whybrew / Morris / Stemp / Tharp

Annie Whybrew (now Stemp) Born: 7 January 1861, Bermondsey, Southwark, Surrey, England
Parents: James Whybrew and Lydia Whybrew (nee Stevens)
Siblings: David Whybrew, 29 January 1846 (died 19 February 1846)
                George Whybrew, 24 January 1847
                Rachel Whybrew, 9 December 1848
                Joseph Silas Whybrew (twin), 5 October 1850
                Mary Elizabeth Whybrew (twin), 5 October 1850 (died 26 May 1852)
                Samuel Whybrew, 23/28 February 1852
                Hephsibah ("Epsey") Whybrew, 25 September 1854
                William Whybrew, 1 February 1856
                Ellen Whybrew, 16 November 1858
                Annie was the youngest of 10 children.
Address: Pitlake Bridge Terrace, Croydon, Surrey (1871)
                1 West Street, Croydon, Surrey (1881)
Married: Charles Arthur B. Morris, Oct-Dec 1886, Croydon, Surrey (Vol.2a, p.472)
Children: Ernest Morris, ~1888, Croydon, Surrey
                (married, with a daughter; died in Baghdad of flu during World War I)
Address: 2 Grange Park, Croydon, Thornton Heath (1891, 1892)
Occupation: Dressmaker (1891)
Married: Thomas George Stemp, 19 November 1892, Croydon, Surrey, England
Children: May Stemp, 8 May 1893, Croydon, Surrey
Address: 32 Lower Church Street, Croydon, Surrey (1901)
Widowed: Thomas George Stemp died 6 April 1907
Married: Arthur Tharp, 25 December 1908, Croydon, Surrey (Q4 1908, Vol.2a, p.720)
Address: 30 George Street, Hove, Sussex (1911)
Widowed: Arthur Tharp died 21 October 1929, and is buried in Maitland Cemetery
Address: Lyndhurst, Oakfield Road, Claremont, Cape Town (1937)
Died: 5 August 1937 (aged 76), Lyndhurst, Oakfield Road, Claremont, Cape Town
Buried: Woltemade Cemetery, Maitland, Cape Town

Annie Tharp lived in Cape Town with her daughter May (and family) at least from ~1930 to 1937. She was a member of the Plymouth Brethren in Wynberg.

1861 - 1911 Census information for Annie Whybrew
1871 Census image for Annie Whybrew
1881 Census image for Annie Whybrew
1891 Census image for Annie Morris (Thomas Stemp, neighbour)
Marriage certificate (Thomas George Stemp)
1901 Census image for Annie Stemp
1911 Census image for Annie Tharp
Death notice of Annie Tharp (nee Whybrew)

Annie Whybrew (now Stemp) Annie Whybrew (now Stemp) Annie Whybrew (now Stemp)

Whybrew sisters
Whybrew sisters - Rachel, Annie, Ellen, Hephsibah

Whybrew sisters
Whybrew sisters - Annie, Ellen, Hephsibah, Rachel
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