Dorothy Ann (Dorrie) Polhill

Born: 17 October 1893, Croydon, Surrey, England (Vol.2A, Page 244)
Parents: Arthur Polhill and Ellen Whybrew (now Polhill)
Siblings: Margaret A (May?) Polhill, ~1885, Croydon
                Leonard (Len) Polhill, ~1887, Croydon
                Herbert Polhill, ~1889, Croydon
                William H (Willie) Polhill, ~1891, Croydon
                Elsie Polhill, ~1892/3, Croydon
                (Dorothy (Dorrie) Polhill, 17 October 1893, Croydon)
                Owen Polhill, ~1897, Croydon
                Nora Polhill, 5 March 1899, Croydon
Address: 10 St John's Grove, Croydon, Surrey, England (1901)
                14 St John's Grove, South Croydon, Surrey, England (1911)
Married: No
Occupation: Milliner (1911)
Died: Jan-Mar 1976, Surrey South Eastern, Surrey, England (Vol.17, Page 1135)

Dorrie looked after her mother, Ellen Polhill (nee Whybrew).

1901-1911 Census information for Dorrie Polhill and family (PDF)
1901 Census image for Dorrie Polhill
1911 Census image for Dorrie Polhill
Death register image for Dorrie Polhill (showing birth date)
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