Ellen Whybrew (now Polhill)

Ellen Whybrew (now Polhill) Born: 16 November 1858, Bermondsey, Southwark, England
Parents: James Whybrew and Lydia Whybrew (nee Stevens)
Siblings: David Whybrew, 29 January 1846 (died 19 February 1846)
                George Whybrew, 24 January 1847
                Rachel Whybrew, 9 December 1848
                Joseph Silas Whybrew (twin), 5 October 1850
                Mary Elizabeth Whybrew (twin), 5 October 1850 (died 26 May 1852)
                Samuel Whybrew, 23/28 February 1852
                Hephzibah ("Epsey") Whybrew, 25 September 1854
                William Whybrew, 1 February 1856
                Annie Whybrew, 7 January 1861
Married: Arthur Polhill (butcher, b.1862, Croydon, St Johns), Apr-Jun 1884, Croydon, Surrey
Children: Margaret A Polhill, ~1885, Croydon
                        May Polhill (married Leonard Burrell, daughter Hilda)
                  Leonard (Len) Polhill, ~1887, Croydon (butcher boy)
                        (married Florrie and had a son; killed by a falling tree, 1920, Australia)
                        (Florrie later married Will Johnson and had another six children)
                  Herbert Polhill, ~1889, Croydon (died in a war accident in 1917, [France?])
                  William H (Willie) Polhill, ~1891, Croydon (Seedsman)
                        (Colonel, killed in action 12 April 1917, possibility of war grave in France)
                  Elsie Polhill, ~1892/3, Croydon (draper's assistant; died in 1920 from the flu)
                  Dorothy (Dorrie) Polhill, 17 October 1893, Croydon (looked after her mother; died 1976)
                  Owen Polhill, ~1897, Croydon (married Dora)
                  Nora Polhill, 5 March 1899, Croydon
Died: 8 January 1945

Ellen Polhill (nee Whybrew)
Polhill family
Back row: ... Polhill, Dorothy Polhill, Owen Polhill, Arthur Polhill, Elsie Polhill, ... Polhill
Front row: May Polhill, Nora Polhill, Ellen Polhill, ... Polhill

Ellen Polhill (nee Whybrew)

Whybrew sisters
Whybrew sisters - Rachel, Annie, Ellen, Hephzibah

Whybrew sisters
Whybrew sisters - Annie, Ellen, Hephzibah, Rachel

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