Germiston High School - Class of 1976

30 Year Class Reunion - Sunday 29 Oct 2006

A 30-year reunion for the Germiston High School Class of 1976 was held on Sunday 29 October 2006.

Attendance list for Sunday 29 October:

Ros and Kevin Allman
Tony and Stella Anagnostu
Jose Barreto
Andre Booyse
Maurizio Borsato and Vanessa de Souza
Russell, Gillian, and Courtney Bridger
Willem and Bonnie Burger
Heidi Campbell (nee Ruckert) (2)
Greg and Debbie Christophers
Nicky Dester
Megan Dyamond (nee Wellbeloved) and Ken
Roger Ellis
Peter and Melanie Freyberg
Quentin Fuller
Barry and Debbi George
Ross, Terri-Lee, and Alexander Hutton
Rodney and Debbie Jones
Malcolm Kingsley
Oliver Ludwig and Vanessa
Colin and Thea MacKenzie
Fabio and Heather Matteucci
Gail McCallum (nee Carlyon)
Gary O'Bryan
Les Paikin and his brothers - Arnold and Steven
Carolyn Panton (nee Byrne) (2)
Michael Parkin (maybe)
Miguel Pascoa
Johann Pieterse
Geoff and Beverley Pratt
Beve Ritz (nee Bender) and Alan and Alon
Leon Rogers (2)
Gail Styger (nee Louw)
Alice Taylor (nee van Straaten) and Richard Smith
Reinhard and Stacey Wallaberger, with Piero and Donna Lulli
Ian Watt
Greg and Sandy Wurts and Julia

Jone Bezuidenhout
Gita and Darryl Beck
Brenda Cauldwell
John and Margie Chandler
John Kap
Ray MacKelvin
Lydia Marais
Ken and Margaret Paine
Pam Zeiss

Germiston High School - Class of 1976
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5 November 2006