Pretoria Landmarks

Union Buildings, Pretoria

Pretoria's Tallest Buildings

198m       John Vorster Tower, (1978)
150m       South African Reserve Bank, 370 Church Street & Prinsloo Street (1988, 38 floors)
132m       ABSA Building (was Volkskas Building), 230 van der Walt Street (38 floors)
110m       Poytons Building, Church Street (1968, 30 floors)
110m       Agricultural Union Centre, Andries and Schoeman Streets (1968)
102m       Saambou Building, 227 Andries Street (30 floors)
  95m       African Eagle Life Centre (1980, 27 floors)
  88m       Hallmark Building, Department of Health, 231 Proes Street (1972, 25 floors)
  80m       Momentum Centre, 343 Pretorius Street (1986, 20 floors)
  76m       Old Mutual Centre, 167 Andries Street at Church Street (1975, 21 floors)
  62m       Voortrekker Monument, Centenary Road, Groenkloof (1949)
  50m       Unisa Administration (OR Tambo) Building (1979, 19 floors)
???m       Kruger Park, Vermeulen Street, west of Potgieter Street (~33 floors)
???m       Civitas Building, 242 Struben Street at Andries Street (1973, 31 floors)
  ??m       Schubart Park, (4 buildings), Vermeulen Street, between Schubart and Potgieter Streets (?? floors)
  ??m       National Treasury Building, 240 Vermeulen Street, corner Andries Street (26 floors)
  ??m       Telkom Corporate Offices, (GPO Headquarters II), (Post Office Tower), Proes Street and Bosman Street (26 floors)
  ??m       Telkom Tower North, Telkom Corporate Offices, Proes Street and Bosman Street (~26 floors)
  ??m       Telkom Tower South, Telkom Corporate Offices, Proes Street and Bosman Street (~26 floors)
  ??m       Batho Pele House, Vermeulen Street, corner Du Toit Street (?? floors)
  ??m       Liberty Building, 278 Vermeulen Street (~23 floors)
  ??m       Mutual and Federal Centre, Vermeulen Street (19 floors)
  ??m       Department of Trade and Industry, (ex Fedlife Building), Prinsloo Street, corner Church Street (16 floors)
  ??m       The House of Trade and Industry, Prinsloo Street, corner Pretorius Street (16 floors)
  ??m       Avbob Building, 368 Vermeulen Street (16 floors)
  ??m       Opera Plaza, Bank Street (13 floors)
  ??m       Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, (?? floors)
  ??m       VWL Centre, 122 Paul Kruger Street, corner Vermeulen Street (?? floors)
  ??m       Sanlam Sentrum Middestad, Andries Street and Pretorius Street (?? floors)
  ??m       Human Sciences Research Council, Pretorius Street, near Bosman Street (?? floors)
  ??m       Zanza Building, 116 Proes Street (~15 floors)
  ??m       215 Proes Street, (?? floors)

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Tallest buildings and other structures

Building height is measured from the sidewalk level of the main entrance to the structural top of the building. Television masts, radio antennas, and flagpoles are not included. Although the John Vorster Tower and Voortrekker Monument have been included in the list above for comparative purposes, they are not strictly 'buildings', as they are not habitable.

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