Sarah Elizabeth Rudman (now Lewis)

Sarah Rudman (now Lewis) Born: 5 June 1839, Salem, South Africa
Baptized: 17 October 1839 (Entry number 467, Methodist baptism records of Salem / Albany)
Parents: Benjamin Jonathan Rudman and Juliana Rudman (nee Slater)
Siblings: Emma Sophia Rudman, 21 July 1821, Salem, South Africa
                Matthew Henry Rudman, 18 August 1823, Salem, South Africa
                Thomas John Rudman, 12 March 1826, Salem, South Africa (Christened 21 January 1830, Salem)
                Charles Benjamin Rudman, Christened 21 January 1830, Salem
                George Edward Rudman, 4 June 1832, Salem, South Africa (Christened 31 December 1832),
                    (Died 15 May 1885, Blouwkoppen, Bluegumvale)
                Alexander Alfred Rudman, 1835, Grahamstown, South Africa, Died 8 June 1902
                Joseph Benson Rudman, 13 June 1837, Salem, South Africa, Died 22 September 1927
                Sarah Elizabeth Rudman, 5 June 1839, Salem, South Africa
                James William Rudman, 1843, Died 2 July 1885, Grahamstown
                Johnathan Caleb Rudman, 24 April 1846, Uitenhage, South Africa,
                    (Died 4 March 1887, Eben Vlot, Uitenhage district)
Married: William Lewis, 5 November 1867, St Paul's, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Children: Edith Julianna Lewis, 5 June 1869, Modderdrift on the Sundays River
                  Margaret Jane Lewis, 5 October 1870, Port Elizabeth
                  Herbert Benjamin Lewis, 13 February 1874, Bracefield
                  William Watson Lewis, 25 July 1876, Bracefield
Died: 7 June 1919 (aged 80 years and 2 days), Rockvale, Middleton, South Africa
Buried: Rock Vale Farm, Middleton, South Africa

Sarah's gravestone was erected, many years after her death, by her son Herbert Benjamin Lewis, and he, unfortunately, made a mistake with her name. The correct name should be 'Sarah Elizabeth', not 'Sarah Jane'.

There is a discrepancy between the date of death as recorded on the death notice (7 June 1919) and the date of death shown on the gravestone (6 June 1919) which was erected about 30 years later.

Marriage certificate for for William Lewis and Sarah Elizabeth Rudman
Death information for Sarah Elizabeth Lewis (nee Rudman)
Death notice of Sarah Elizabeth Lewis (nee Rudman)
Will of Sarah Elizabeth Lewis (nee Rudman)

History of Rock Vale farm (PDF, 763 kB)

Rock Vale farm is situated on the N10 road that connects Port Elizabeth and Cradock. It is 4km south of the village of Middleton, on the eastern side of the road.
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