Jonathan Caleb Rudman

Jonathan Caleb Rudman Born: 24 April 1846, Winterhoek, Uitenhage, South Africa
Baptized: 22 August 1848, Methodist Church, Port Elizabeth (128)
Parents: Benjamin Jonathan Rudman and Juliana Rudman (nee Slater)
Siblings: Emma Sophia Rudman, 21 July 1821, Salem, South Africa
                Matthew Henry Rudman, 18 August 1823, Salem, South Africa
                Thomas John Rudman, 12 March 1826, Salem, South Africa (Christened 21 January 1830, Salem)
                Charles Benjamin Rudman, Christened 21 January 1830, Salem
                George Edward Rudman, 4 June 1832, Salem, South Africa (Christened 31 December 1832),
                    (Died 15 May 1885, Blouwkoppen, Bluegumvale)
                Alexander Alfred Rudman, 1835, Grahamstown, South Africa, Died 8 June 1902
                Joseph Benson Rudman, 13 June 1837, Salem, South Africa, Died 22 September 1927
                Sarah Elizabeth Rudman, 5 June 1839, Salem, South Africa
                James William Rudman, 1843, Died 2 July 1885, Grahamstown
                (Johnathan Caleb Rudman, 24 April 1846, Uitenhage, South Africa)
Married: Louisa Jane Pote (born 1852), 21 July 1870, Russell Park Church

Children: Mary Ann Matilda Rudman, 1872, Uitenhage
                Clara Harriet Rudman, 1874, Uitenhage
                Charlotte Jane Rudman, 20 September 1877, Uitenhage
                Olivier Charles (or Charles Oliver) Rudman, 28 December 1879, Grass Ridge, Uitenhage
                Jonathan Caleb (Sonny) Rudman, 1882, UItenhage
                Charles Henry Rudman, 24 December 1883, Uitenhage
                Ivy May Rudman, 1885, Uitenhage
                Irene Kate Rudman, 1887, Uitenhage
                Walter Pote Rudman, 25 January 1876 (from second marriage)
Died: 4 March 1887, Eben Vlot, Uitenhage district

Jonathan Caleb was married by the Methodist Minister of Somerset East at Russell Park, Upper Bushmans River, on 21 July 1870 to 18 year old Louisa Jane Pote, fourth daughter of Robert James Pote (of the farm Hopewell) and Mary Ann Hall, also 1820 settlers. The marriage was witnessed by FG Gowar and Harriet Pote (marriage record 186, Methodist Somerset East). Jonathan was farming at Grass Ridge where the young couple went to live, but in the year 1877 they moved to the farm Olifants Kop. He died at his residence Eb-en-Vloet (Eb en Vloed) in the district of Uitenhage. He had 9 children, all minors when he died, the youngest being a baby not yet baptized.

After Jonathan Caleb's death, Louisa Jane remarried Thomas Watson. They lived at Palmietfontein, Somerset East District. Thomas Watson is buried on the farm. His son Timothy (by his first wife) married Hazel Rita Rudman B10, C4, D1 his second wife, his first wife was Irene Rudman (C8), daughter of Jonathan Caleb.
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